Help Restore St Cuthbert's Church

By National Trust of Australia (WA) Appeal #1987

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At The Heart of The Village

St Cuthbert's Church lies at the heart of the Darlington village. It is building full of memories, registered with the Heritage Council of WA. It is the home for a community of hope and service. Now, we need your help.

We Need Some Help

Our beautiful neo-gothic church building is nearly 100 years old. Thousands of weddings, Sunday services, funerals and baptisms have taken place inside. Set on an acre of bushland, St Cuthbert’s is a truly special place. We want to preserve this amazing gift for future generations.

What We've Done...

We have already raised more than $85,000. With the help of Lotterywest, we prepared a conservation plan. The stained glass windows were repaired. The whole building was rewired. The floor was repaired and and new carpet put in, and the sanctuary has been repaired as well. The walls have been 'stitched' and painted - and they look amazing. All the brasswork has been repaired and polished. And, we now have airconditioning! We just need your help to finish the job.

What We Need To Do

There are some important but less visible things left to do. We need to erect an underground barrier to prevent tree roots from disturbing the foundations (without knocking down our beautiful mature trees!). We also need to erect a fire escape to comply with Shire standards. Once all that is done, we need to install a good quality sound system and buy some timber chairs. We have raised nearly enough money to finish the work, but we are about $15,000 short.

You Can Help!

Maybe 150 people can give $100 each? Or maybe you can afford a bit more or a bit less? We'll happily receive whatever gift you can offer! give what you can We are hoping that people who live in the local area or who want to support our work will give generously.

What's In It For You?

In return for your generosity, we promise to keep serving the local community to the best of our ability. We will keep collecting clothes for the women’s refuge and sending reading volunteers to Clayton View Primary School. We'll keep offering Mainly Music. We’ll continue to welcome community groups to use our space. We’ll welcome people of all faiths to engage in dialogue, and work for justice for all people. We’ll always be here for times of grief and celebration and reflection.

If 300 people or families give $100 each, we will reach our goal. With your help, our iconic, heritage-listed building can serve the community for another century.

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