Why People Choose Us

We’re here to help you get your project funded with the least amount of effort.

We care about ethics

  • Only for approved social causes
    Every single campaign on Chuffed.org is screened by a human to make sure that it fits with our social purpose. That means your campaign isn't going to be beside someone raising funds for their new car or holiday, nor is it going to be next to a baker who denies service to a gay customer. We don't believe platforms like us should be neutral, so we only support campaigns that align with our values - that means no hate campaigns, no misogyny and no robbing the poor to feed the rich. Browse through our Discover page and you'll see what we're about.
  • We're a social enterprise
    Our social mission is embedded into our Constitution, which means that we consider it in all our decision making. The fundraising world is dominated by pure commercial companies who are purely after their cut. We want to show the world that you can create the best fundraising platform in the world and still be a purpose-first company.

You keep 100% of your hard-earned funds

  • No platform fees — pay what you want model
    Instead of taking an 8-15% cut of your donations, we use an optional donation model. That means that when someone donates $100 to you, you keep all of it. We charge donors the payment processing fees of ~2.9% + 30c on top of their donation and give donors the option on donating to us on top of their donation. They of course, don't have to - but most of them like the transparency and choose to give.
  • Keep what you raise
    What happens if you don't quite get to your target? On Chuffed.org, you get to keep everything you raise - even if you don't quite get what you thought you would. We know how much work is involved in fundraising and how much the funds mean to you, so we don't penalize you for not quite getting there. As we're a strong advocate for transparency, we strongly recommend that you're clear to your donors exactly where the funds that you did raise will go. In most cases, campaigners run another campaign or find the funds elsewhere.

Beautiful, Optimised Campaign Pages that work everywhere

  • Supports donations from anywhere in the world
    No matter where your supporters are, they can donate to your campaign, as long as they have a Visa, Mastercard or Amex. We've accepted donations from over 150 countries and support 11 currencies.
  • Mobile optimized campaign pages
    With over 50% of traffic coming on phones, we work hard to make sure your campaign is beautifully formatted on any screen size. We test constantly to ensure that campaigns work on all devices from Android to iOS and everything in between. We support and test on all the popular modern browsers.

Flexibility and Customization

  • Video and images
    Make your campaign beautiful by uploading images and embedding videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Our editor lets you crop, resize and rotate images to make sure they look perfect before you drop them in.
  • Perks and impact levels
    Make donating to your campaign more rewarding by adding perks or impact levels. Perks allow you to give donors something in return for specific donation amounts, while impact levels (or donation handles) tell them how much impact they are making. Perks can be customized with images, custom questions and multiple purchases.
  • Time limited or infinite length campaigns
    While the most successful campaigns tend to be between 30-40 days in length, we give you the flexibility to run shorter campaigns or longer ones. For time limited campaigns, you can choose up to 90 days. Need longer? Just choose our Infinite Length campaign mode which runs forever until you stop it. You can also launch with a time limited campaign and then switch over to an Infinity Mode campaign when you're done.
  • Customizable donation box
    Suggested donation amounts are powerful in steering potential donors to certain donation levels. If you know that donors are likely to give more or less than our standard donation defaults, you can customize the amounts on the box. We always advise raising the defaults rather than lowering them, because you often get what you ask for.

Fast Payments, Easy Receipting

  • Fast donation transfer
    We know how painful it can be to raise a heap of money but then have to wait around for months for it to be transferred. Instead of waiting until the end of your campaign, we transfer funds straight away. For donations made via credit and debit cards, you'll receive bank transfers via our payment partner in 2 or 7 day rolling cycles. For donations made via PayPal, you'll get them into your PayPal account immediately.
  • Tax deductible receipting
    Immediately after every donation, we send an itemised receipt to your donors. For charities with tax-deductible status, we also add in all the appropriate legal language to comply with your jurisdiction's receipting requirements. We currently offer full tax deductible receipting in Australia and the UK and will soon be rolling out to the US and Canada.
  • Gift Aid (UK)
    For charities in the UK, we can collect Gift Aid Declarations for you. Just choose to collect Gift Aid Declarations and give us your Official Charity Name and we'll handle the rest. You can then submit the declarations in your donor data to HMRC to collect that extra 25p on the pound.

Your own Campaign Control Centre

  • Real-time analytics
    You get real-time data on exactly how many people have visited your page and exactly where they've come from. This means that you can monitor the performance of each of your marketing channels to optimize your efforts and raise the most funds.
  • Fee-free offline donations
    Sometimes in crowdfunding, people at foundations and companies see your campaign and want to support you but can only give in cheques, cash or bank transfers. You can add any money you receive outside the campaign to your total. To save you money, we don't charge your anything on the funds you collect offline.
  • Message supporters
    Keep your supporters updated by messaging directly from Chuffed.org. Add pictures, format your email and we'll send it out to all of your supporters. We handle all the opt-outs to to make sure you stay on the right side of spam laws.
  • Keep your donor data
    Donor data is precious for all non-profits. That's why you can view and download your donor data in real-time at any time. You'll get names, dates, emails, donation amounts, payment method, perk details, receipts and addresses if you need them. To make it simple for you to import it into your other systems, we give you a simple CSV file.

Crowdfund in Teams

  • Individual fundraiser pages
    Nothing helps you raise more money than having other team members. We let you set up individual fundraiser pages underneath your main campaign page, each with their own target and fundraiser. All the funds go into the main campaign account, but each of your team can send a personalised page to their networks. Perfect for your challenge, peer to peer campaigns and for crowdfunding together.
  • Collaborate with multiple campaign editors
    Working on your campaign with multiple people? Give them all recognition on your campaign page by making them a team member and then choose who get permission to edit the campaign page. Ideal for when you have to let your colleague have a read through your copy or when your finance person needs to put in your banking details.

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