About Chuffed

So have you ever walked down a major pedestrian strip in the middle of a city and all of a sudden, there's this person smiling at you. Bright t-shirt. Clipboard in hand. Waving.

For a moment you think you might be in one of those movies where the attractive European backpacker asks you for directions and after some awkward translational comedy, love ensues.

No such luck – you know who it is. Your eyes meet, briefly. Damn it. Pull out the phone, or divert. It's one of those "charity" people trying to get you to sign up. For lots of us, that's the most frequent interaction we have with charities and the non-profit world... and let's be honest, it’s crap.

Even for those of us in the non-profit world (yep, that’s us), we know the days of the charity muggers (‘chuggers’) are numbered. We know that dropping your money into a charity and never knowing or hearing where it goes are numbered. And we know that even though people are generous and they want to give, it’s hard to know who’s actually going to make a difference with your hard earned cash.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve built Chuffed to make sure that even if you’re only able to give $1 of your money or a minute of your time, you know that you, along with hundreds of other generous people are building a more awesome world.

We start by hunting out great organisations doing extraordinary things in our community (if you’re one of them, hit 'Start a campaign' on the left). We screen to make sure they’re legitimate and have a great project that’ll make a difference. Then we put them online for you to choose from.

The rest is simple. You choose a project that matters to you, support it in a way that works for you and then track your impact as it comes to life.