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A little bit about us..

Our little netball club, The Sparkling Diamonds, is a great little club tucked away in Brooklyn Park, Adelaide.

Our club is like a community, a friendship group and more importantly, a family all rolled into one.

We started in 2007 to give kids, no matter their background, ability or social status, the chance to play and succeed in a sport. We contacted schools and community groups and offered these girls the opportunity to become a part of the Sparkling Diamonds family.

Since then we have grown and evolved and now not only do we boast players from over 20 different nationalities, our club took a vote and we are lucky to have a few really special kids with mild disabilities along with our regular local girls, who make our club complete.

But here's the problem.

In order to continue our work with children who are disadvantaged, we set the lowest fees in the league. Even though this is the case, some of our players still can't afford the fees which leaves us struggling to survive as a club.

We run regular fundraisers and our club relies heavily on our beautiful volunteers and helpers, without which we would not survive - however, we are still struggling to afford equipment and uniforms.

Without the equipment such as goal post covers, netball's and court resurfacing, we cannot continue as a club as it would be in breach of regulations.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We try to keep our costs to a minimum by utilizing our amazing parents and volunteers within the club to help with canteen running and donations. We run our fundraisers such as BBQ's and disco's. To try and assure that our players can get to our games, we are lucky enough to have our volunteer transport driver, who takes out so much time from her personal life to drive the kids to and from games and training up to FOUR times a week!

If you support our club, you'll not only be supporting a netball club, you'll be supporting South Australian kids who rely on our Diamonds family. Where possible, we help with food, counselling, nutritional advice and active learning. We at the Sparkling Diamonds believe that all kids deserve the same opportunities to succeed in the sporting world and we need your help to continue our work.

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