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We just had to share this bloopers reel from filming - can you do a better owl call?


My name is Henry Goodall, I work as the Natural Resources Manager for Bundanon Trust.

I love the bush, the land and raising the profile of land and environmental management within an arts and cultural organisation. Hopefully also raising the profile of the whole organisation at the same time really drives what I do.

Working at Bundanon Trust for six years, I’ve been really lucky to work in a unique and interesting environment and also to see the results of our hard work through the Living Landscapes project.

Working with Landcare Australia, we have successfully improved biodiversity to degraded bushland, former grazing land and also riparian zones along the Shoalhaven River.

We have removed large areas of invasive weeds, mainly lantana. We have planted over 40,000 trees, using 50 different native and endemic plant species over the last four years and stored 600 tonnes of carbon.

We have achieved so much so far but now we need your help to continue our work maintaining the habitat that is critical to the survival of animals such as the Powerful Owl within this area.

You might think why the Powerful Owl? What’s so special about them? Why are they important for Bundanon Trust?

Being both nocturnal and classified as a vulnerable species – not many people see them. Since working here, I’ve only seen evidence of one mating pair of Powerful Owls around Bundanon.

There are also only 3,500 of these native beasts left in NSW!

The Powerful Owl is the largest owl in Australia and is listed as vulnerable in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and parts of South Australia.

During this time of year, these owls start hooting more frequently as mating season is coming up.

If only us humans could perfect the art of ‘looking for love’ and ‘finding food’ to a simple duo-syllabic call that carried for a couple of kilometres – our lives would be that much simpler.

We need the Powerful Owl at Bundanon.

Habitat loss from clearing for human development has been a major factor in the demise of the Powerful Owl. Trees need to be hundreds of years old before they become ‘hollow bearing’ to provide nesting sites for these owls and the animals they feed on.

Competition for food has been another important factor affecting Powerful Owls – introduced foxes and cats share a similar appetite, thus reducing the availability of prey species for the owl to feed on.

As a carnivore and a higher order predator, the Powerful Owl is at the top of the food chain.

Therefore minor changes to the environment, the owl’s habitat and the species it preys upon are felt much more acutely higher up the food chain.

Bundanon is an ideal location as we have a number of hollow bearing trees that provide essential habitat for the Powerful Owl.

Biodiversity is critical...

As humans, we need to take a step back and appreciate our environment.

Our current world likes ‘instant results’ – but we need to remember we are working on a biological and environmental timescale that is almost an evolutionary process.

We have to get the habitat and ecological balance right before vulnerable and endangered species like the Powerful Owl re-inhabit the area. We need ‘Mother Nature’ style patience to actually see the benefits!

My job here is to make sure there are succession trees growing behind the hollow trees so we can keep these habitats flourishing so that we can make sure animals such as the Powerful Owl do not become extinct as many other animals that have already perished.

Imagine if we did nothing?

If nothing was done we would see a decrease in native plant and animal species divers ity and a resultant monoculture of invasive weed species would prevail. The ultimate effect would be a less productive, less ‘liveable’ habitat for plants, animals and humans too.

We are really working hard to restore and maintain the richness and biodiversity within the landscape we manage. This variety of species is critical to a healthy habitat. It’s this habitat that the Powerful Owl relies upon.

If you read this far, well done! I thank you for your support of our project and protecting the Powerful Owl.


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