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Forgotten children

All children want to go to school. The civil war in Syria has caused thousands of children to be displaced. Thousands of them have not had any form of schooling for up to four years. Let's get these children back in the classroom and bring smiles to their faces.

But there’s a problem

Governments are failing to address this problem; it is up to us to help these kids now. We believe every child has a right to education and by pooling our resources we can make a difference.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are creating essential resources, support and teacher training to volunteers working in zero resouce classrooms and challenging circumstances. These volunteers are often working in isolation and have no resources except the materials and ideas they take with them. They need our help.

By collaborating on crowdsourced projects to create practical materials for safe learning spaces and makeshift classrooms and by getting involved in fundraising activities in our local teacher community we can make a difference. Let's pool our ideas and resources and help these children who have been forgotten by our governments.

You can join us

We will start by raising funds to provide 10 tent schools. Each tent will be equipped with a toolbox of essential resources. Your donations will make this happen. Join the biggest movement in the ELT (English Language Teaching) community and collaborate for change.

Every chil has a right to education. Every little helps. Let's pool our skills and funds.


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