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Healthy Minds Geelong was an idea that sparked in me a number of years ago - from challenges I faced when seeking help for my mental health. The system made it hard, made it confusing - made me not want to help myself. It felt like there was a gap.

HMG makes access to local mental health services easy - helps navigate the health care system and empowers a proactive approach to mental health.

Healthy Minds was created to:

- make access to mental health professionals easy by creating an updated directory of the local mental health network.

- help people start their mental health journey by promoting a positive culture of mental health and establish a proactive approach to improving your mental health.

- empower individuals and energise the community to create and attend local support groups, events or gatherings.

But it's been tough...

Starting a not-for-profit is never easy. It's even harder when you're running and family business in a stressful industry. Dealing with the long term illness and eventual passing of dad in 2019 - it became even harder. Then the joy of the arrival of me daugher Freya later that year was quickly replaced by the overwhelming sadness of her tragic accident and eventual passing. It's been a tough 12 months. Throw in a some anxiety and depression and it's near on impossible to get moving. All in the midst of a global pandemic.

You can help us!

By donating to Healthy Minds Geelong, you help create a movement that will ultimately help the mental health of Geelong locals - creating a more connected, enlitened and engaged community.

More importantly though, we create an effective, self sufficient model for every city in Australia to follow. 

By donating you help me realise a dream. You help give my daughters life significance. You help have a positive impact on our world.

Thank you.

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