#ChangeTheStory On Youth Suicide By Keeping The Farm Gates Open

By Homestead For Youth

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The Story So Far For Our Youth

The story so far for our young people is sad. Suicide amongst young Australians is the highest it’s been in ten years -- it’s a bigger killer than car accidents. Our most vulnerable include those in care, and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. For every seven young Aussies, one of them is struggling with a mental health condition. 6 suicides a day is an alarming incomprehensible statistic.

A Farmhouse Is Changing This Story

So who are we you may be asking?

We are an organisation committed to empowering young people at risk (and their families) by providing a strength-based suicide prevention message (“H4Y Choose Life Today!”), a short and long term residential farm home for youth and their families, hands-on healing programs (e.g. equine therapy and car restoration), Psychology & Counselling Clinic and thereauptic sensory animal farm therapy (the first in Western Australia).

Every week alone over 20 at-risk young people come through our farm gates and that isn't counting their families and the school programs we are running to change lives and culture! We’re here to change the story on youth suicide adn it's the faces of our clients that drive us to keep doing what we do to bring real solutions.

Here is Jody's story, Click on Jodie's Story

Now We Need Your Help to Change How The Story Ends...

Our farmstead based in Meelon, Western Australia, which is a safe home for so many young people can no longer be leased. To continue working towards achieving a better story ending, we need to buy the farmstead.

The fundraising target for this is $50,000 which will be put directly towards the total of $1.4 million over the next few years that is needed to keep the gates of our farm home open to any young people and their families. Right Now we need to make our first payment and that's where you can help.

> "Here is what the West Australian had to say"

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Our Young People Need Your Help

Together is better! Everyone can play a part in changing the story on youth suicide.


  • Every and any donation helps keep the farm gates open!
  • Share our Appeal (through Facebook, email, Instagram, word of mouth) to people who you know would like to join you and get involved.
  • Gather your closest friends & family and run a small fundraising event between Feb and April to have an even greater impact...plus have fun! Some of our everyday heros have run movie nights, donated their birthday money,bike rides, garage sales & even a pamper day. Heck why not try a wine & cheese night with the ladies or get your kids involved selling chocolates or having a sleep over with friends?
  • Find out more about Homestead For Youth and how you can get more involved in our work: https://www.homesteadforyouth.org/

“We see children and teens who have found hope and purpose. We see families who feel armed and prepared for the otherwise daunting task of parenting. Every life matters. Everyone deserves a chance to find their hope.”
- Marty Fadelli, Homestead For Youth

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Open Your Hearts With A Special Gift For Our Youth

  • $25 buys healthy, homemade meals for a young person who needs a safe home.
  • $50 provides a warm, safe, clean bed at our farm home, in one of our cabins for a young person to rest and recharge.

  • $75 gives the gift of a therapy session where one young person can share his / her story with H4Y’s counsellors and be empowered with skills to face mental health challenges.

  • $100 helps a family who is going through challenges with a donation for a family therapy session at H4Y. PLUS you'll receive an original piece of Homestead Animal Art & Promo pack!

  • $250 Lets kids be kids and enjoy a weekend at our farm home camping, restoring cars, doing arts and crafts, enjoying the good and safe farm life.

  • $500 gives a troubled young person the opportunity to spend a week at our farm home so that they can recharge and get back on their feet.

  • $1000+ will change the story on youth mental health. PLUS we'll add your name or message of inspiraton to a brick paver in our animal therapy walkway.

  • $15600+ will provide a years stay in our family mental health farm based Residential Care program. It costs the government roughly $290,000 a year to place a child in juvenile detention...or we can break that cycle for less than $16k and salvage a childhood.

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