4CR Solidarity Fund

By Centre County COVID-19 Community Response

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Who are we?

Centre County COVID-19 Community Response is a group of community members working to coordinate local mutual aid efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a grassroots group of neighbors, organizers, and workers providing aid to each other and our community in a time of need.

In addition to the clear public health concerns that COVID-19 presents, the effects of the pandemic have hurt the ability of our community members to make a living. Many people in Centre County are faced with job loss, eviction, food insecurity, and more. Though these hardships existed well before COVID-19, pandemic has only served to exacerbate unlivable conditions. Under the principles of mutual aid, we believe that Centre County community members must work together to provide relief, resources, and joy to each other for the benefit of all.

What is this for?

There's no two ways about it. One of the big things people need in this time is money. They need money for rent; they need money for food; they need money for medical care.

Why a Solidarity Fund?

While there are resources available for certain people, we feel we have developed a connection with many in the community. We are also committed to the idea of "Solidarity not Charity." We initally didn't think there would be interest in a fundraiser of this kind, however we have been approached by several people asking how they can give funds directly to the those we've connected with who are in need.

You can join us

We are asking people to give what they can. This is certainly a difficult time for everyone, but the fact is some people have the privilege of being in a more stable place than others.

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Team Members

Bailey Campbell

Charles Tierney

Emily Smith