Community Leader: Todd

By Team

11th August '17


Meet Todd Finklestone,’s Boston-based Community Leader.

Todd works in international development and has a range of experience in areas from human rights to global security. Read on to see what he has to say about crowdfunding...

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career (or life) so far.

Hello. My name is Todd and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called CameroonONE that specializes in privatized foster care in the Republic of Cameroon - we take parentless children from their orphanages and place them in the households of surviving family members and sponsor all their education, health needs, and caretaker support. I am also a Response Team Member for ShelterBox International, an NGO that provides emergency shelter to families displaced by natural disasters and manmade conflict across the globe.

Why did you decide to become a community leader? is the best platform for charity crowdfunding. Chuffed's philosophy to dispense all donations for charity causes to the organizations (without taking an administration fee) demonstrates their sincere concern and respect for donor accountability and appreciation for the the efforts of charity organizations' volunteers and staff and their causes.

How did your crowdfunding journey begin? 

I discovered crowdfunding during my efforts to secure funding for the charities that I am invested in. I discovered Chuffed through an Australian teammate of mine while on deployment, I have been a loyal Chuffed supporter since, recommending it to everyone in the fundraising community since.

What social cause are passionate about and why?

CameroonONE because it is a personal project of mine, and ShelterBox because I am a member of their Response Team and an ambassador for our US affiliate.

What relevant fundraising or other experience do you have that you can share with participants in the workshop?

I have range of experience in the Non-Governmental Sector, mostly in international development. Also, I've been fundraising for CameroonONE for a while - for example, raising money to help support children’s scholarships, and organizing supply drives for school gear, medical equipment and clothing. I can talk about what I've learnt on the way.

What social cause project or campaign on Chuffed will the funds raised through the workshop support? 

CameroonOne - click here to see our campaign.