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A little bit of context

CameroonONE is a Registered 501c3 Charity Organization that provides education and a home to orphaned children in Cameroon, Africa. According to UNICEF statistics, there are currently 1,300,000 Cameroonian children who have been abandoned to the world with no immediate family members. We seek to keep families together by placing children in the households of surviving relatives and seeing that they receive access to proper healthcare and other essential services. The benefits a child discovers from being raised among family members as well as attending school with their peers gives them an entirely new life. Our team employs innovative approaches to create positive change in the world, especially those less fortunate.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Here’s where the CameroonONE team comes in. Our team has established the first In-Home Child Sponsorship program on the continent of Africa. The project has been designed to support both an orphaned child and his or her surviving relatives with the goal of keeping families together. Many of the children still have caring and intimate blood relations who are incapable of financially adding another person to their household. In order to confront this crisis, the support needs to be focused toward the surviving relatives of the child who are willing to assume the role of guardian. Relatives will take on a parental role of a niece, nephew, or young cousin. Relatives will receive a stipend that includes PTA school fees, medical assistance, school supplies, uniforms, text books, shoes, as well as rice, seeds, and cooking oil with a full understanding that it will be made conditional and made available only as certain requirements are met for the child. These stipulations include that the child attend a decent school and maintain certain expectations in their evaluations, and that he or she is fully vaccinated and receives whatever healthcare may be specific to their personal needs.

This project can both reduce short-term poverty by directly providing a partial income to the impoverished and those most in need and ultimately fight long-term poverty by creating a more productive and competent future human capital among parentless children who may have received little or no education. It is a pro poverty alleviation project in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to reduce hunger and poverty, achieve universal education and reduce child mortality intended as a model to be applied throughout the continent.

You can join us

All it takes is $250 to sponsor a child for the In-Home program for a year. This $250 covers school tuition, healthcare, uniform, workbooks, textbooks, school supplies, shoes, household items like food, soap and other various living expenses. In addition to the $250, an additional $100 is given to the family in goods and stipends. All donations are beneficial for CameroonONE's work. The break down of the $250 is roughly:

• $75 of it is for school feels

• $25 for the uniform

• $50 for healthcare (which includes vaccines)

• $50 for living expenses

• $50 other expenses (some examples below)

◦ $10 shoes

◦ $10 textbooks/workbooks

How much money is allotted to what varies on the needs of the child. Please join us and help these children start a new life.

We also have a bee-farming sustainability project in place that aims to bring 800 bee hives to the area over the coming years - it has been calculated that 800 bee hives would be enough to bring a sustainable income for our orphan program by the selling of honey and bee-wax to reinvest into education. A bee hive only costs $40, so your donation could go towards that as well!

We are committed to practicing ethical bee-farming techniques and to do our part to help reverse the decline of global bee populations.

More information

For more information, visit, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @CameroonONE.

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