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By Extinction Rebellion Glasgow

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In November, Glasgow will host COP26, the United Nations crucial climate talks. 30,000 delegates and 200 world leaders will be coming to Glasgow for these talks.

The world will be watching Glasgow.

Rebels from across the world will be coming to Glasgow to make their voices heard at COP26. With your help, we will welcome them with warm Glaswegian spirit and help them take the rebel message to COP26.

We know people power works. We know Extinction Rebellion has forced change. But more is needed and 2020 is a big moment to win real climate action from government and business. We must seize this moment.

Your donations will support our 2020 plans, help us tackle the fossil fuel industry and provide accommodation and support for guest rebels during COP26. Our funds will be used to make our COP26 projects as accessible and welcoming as possible, regardless of race, (dis)ability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender.

"We will always have Glasgow!"

This is a massive undertaking, but we want as many rebels as possible to join us in Glasgow. And when they leave, we want to make sure they leave dishevelled, staggering, hollowed out by action and rejoicing. We want them in awe and love with Glasgow, its people and its ways. We want Glasgow to enter the lore of climate struggle. We want activists around the world to sigh and say “we will always have Glasgow”.

What we do

Extinction Rebellion Glasgow is part of an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to demand action on the climate crisis and ecological emergency.

Our successes are achieved by rebel volunteers who give up their time, energy and resources. Our projects and actions require funding and that comes from the generosity of people like you.

We thank you for all the help you can provide.

Love and rage for the Earth!

Our 2020 projects

  • Planning for rebellion through action and creativity.
  • Making sure our presence at COP26 is accessible and inclusive for everyone.
  • Tackling the fossil fuel industry and financial organisations who support it.
  • Hosting our Wee Rebels Club and Climate Cafe.

Find out more about the rebellion and how you can get involved.

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