Extinction Rebellion Glasgow: help us fight climate chaos

By Extinction Rebellion Glasgow

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From scientists to politicians, everyone agrees that a global environmental and ecological catastrophe is happening.

In Glasgow, climate-related storms and flooding could severely impact the city by 2050 and affect up to 1.8 million people. This could include some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in our communities. Major infrastructure and hospitals are in danger of being damaged or closed.

In response, the UK and Scottish governments have declared climate emergencies; yet, their policies are inadequate and their actions cling to business as usual.

We can fix this

We know people power works. We know Extinction Rebellion has already forced change. Coronavirus has overturned our world and people are ready for something new. The solutions are there to build back better and tackle the climate and ecological crises. We must seize this moment before it’s too late for future generations.

Your donations will help Extinction Rebellion Glasgow to:

  • take action to tackle not just the fossil fuel industry but the money that funds it and the government that regulates it
  • ensure our actions are accessible and inclusive for everyone
  • continue to promote our Act Now message across Glasgow
  • start planning for the delayed COP26, the crucial climate talks taking place in Glasgow in Nov 2021
  • play our role and support XR Scotland’s Autumn Rebellion 2020

 What we do

Extinction Rebellion Glasgow is part of an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to demand action on the climate crisis and ecological emergency.

Our successes are achieved by rebel volunteers who give up their time, energy and resources. Our work needs funding and that comes from the generosity of people like you.

We thank you for all the help you can provide.

Love and rage for the Earth!


Find out more about the rebellion and how you can get involved.

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