Help save the Western Ringtail Possum!

By South West Catchments Council

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The Western Ringtail Possum needs you

EXTINCTION... If we don’t act now, the Western Ringtail Possum is likely to become extinct in the wild.

It’s estimated that there are 8000 of these adorable little marsupials left in Western Australia’s south west.

In fact, they are listed as critically endangered under the WA Wildlife Conservation Act (1950), which is only one step away from extinction.

This is where not-for-profit natural resource management organisation South West Catchments Council has stepped in, alongside local community groups, to do their bit to help conserve the species.

We are raising funds to take a multifaceted approach to make a real difference in these little guys’ future. We want to buy items for research, rehabilitation and habitat restoration for the Western Ringtail Possum.

Here's an idea of some of the costs involved with conservation activities

  • $5 will buy a transponder tag for monitoring possums in the wild.
  • $30 will buy a week’s worth of milk for sick or injured possums.
  • $35 will buy a nest box, providing possums a home in urban areas.
  • $50 will buy 64 Peppermint tree seedlings for revegetating habitat.

How will your money be spent?

We’ll use your money to purchase items for a number of South West community groups to assist with their core conservation activities. Things we’d like to buy include:

  • Milk, heat pads and incubators for possums in care
  • Tree seedlings to revegetate local possum habitats, giving wild possums lush trees to live in and leaves to eat.
  • Transponder tags so that we can see what the possums get up to the wild and accurately track populations.
  • Nest boxes for use in urban areas to deter possums from nesting in roof spaces

Some of the groups we are working with include:

  • Western Ringtail Action Group
  • GeoCatch
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions,
  • FAWNA (Fostering and Assistance For Wildlife Needing Aid),
  • Possums R Us,
  • Busselton Dunsborough Environment Centre
  • City of Busselton

Because we are passionate about applying best-practise in possum rehabilitation and care, rehab items will only be distributed to Registered Wildlife Rehabilitators. This means your money is in good hands, as RWRs are government registered, undergo stringent training, must complete reporting to authorities and practise the latest in caring techniques.

What's in it for me?

Send $200 or more our way and you’ll automatically be eligible to attend our ‘VIP nibbles and night stalk’ event to see these possums up close and personal.

The only catch is that you have to get yourself to Busselton, Western Australia on the evening of December 2nd, but we promise you it’ll be worth it! Spots are limited, so first in, best dressed.

Thanks for thinking of us

Extinction is forever. The clock is ticking. Your donation could help slow that clock down and give the Western Ringtail Possum a solid future.

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