#PineGapPilgrims Wage Peace to #ClosePineGap

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Court Hearing November 13th in Alice Springs

A little bit of context

The Peace Pilgrims took grave risks to walk into Pine Gap to pray and lament the deaths of so many people, made possible by the war-making facility at Pine Gap, in its secret location near Alice Springs.

Now the Peace Pilgrims face 7 years in prison.

But there’s a problem

It's complicated getting the message out and staying visible.

It's costly to get BACK to Alice Springs.

The war machine is big and dangerous.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

But we have our bravery and our bodies.

We are supported with getting the message out from @WagePeaceAu who are helping us and other peace campaigns to disturb war & militarism in Australia.

We have to run a court case in Alice Springs and we want people to know and follow and understand what we were doing there - WHAT WE ARE STILL DOING THERE.

When people know what is possible, they get enthusiastic and hopeful. They start doing stuff to change the world.

You can join us

We need $5000 to provide for activists getting to and from Alice. The money will provide minimal support for a campaigner who watches and tells the media, parties, politicians what we are doing and keeps you, our supporters involved - in more and more complicated and exciting ways.

YOU with us ultimately build a group of strong people prepared to take action against militarism. There will be enough of us to mean #NoMoreUSWars

Thanks in advance for helping us #endwarculture and #disrupt war!


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