World Water Day Challenge: 3 Miles for Clean Water

By WorldServe International

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Workout. Raise Awareness. Give Clean Water.

This World Water Day, WorldServe International is engaging the CrossFit community in a challenge with a deeper meaning. The goal is to walk 3 miles carrying a 40lb jerry can full of water.

Why? Because the World Water Crisis is effecting over 844 million people. And not only that, but women and young girls are responsible for collecting whatever water they can find in nearby puddles, rivers and hand dug wells. On average these women walk 3 miles a day, carrying 40lbs of unsafe water home to their families. We are walking for them!

How to Participate in the World Water Day Challenge.

1. Get educated - Watch this short video about how WorldServe International is helping to solve the water crisis:

2. Donate Now to Register! - Your $25 tax-deductible donation includes an event t-shirt and your commitment to walk for these women! Click the pink donate button.

3. Walk for Clean Water - Participate in a workout you won't soon forget. The goal is to perform a 40lb farmer's carry with a jerry can full of water for 3 miles! Scaled movements can include but are not limited to: less distance, less weight, different weighted devices i.e. dumbbells, vests, or kettlebells. 

  • Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • Time: 9am
  • Location: CrossFit Provision (425 W Farm Rd 182, Springfield, MO 65810)

4. Spread the Word - We want to share exactly WHY we are walking in her shoes. The more others know, the bigger and better impact we can make on solving this crisis! Use your influence on social media by tagging @WorldServeIntl on Instagram and Facebook and #walkinhershoes // #waterfirst to reach hundreds more with your efforts!

Learn More about WorldServe International.

WorldServe International is a registered non-profit missioned with solving the water crisis in East Africa in a sustainable, generational way! Armed with a fleet of deep borehole drilling rigs, WorldServe is currently serving Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya by strategically placing solar powered water wells in areas that are most affected by the water crisis...Learn more.

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