Sponsor Menstrual Health & Hygiene for Tanzanian Girls

By WorldServe International

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Did You Know?

Girls in developing countries may miss up to four days of school each month because of menstruation. Health and hygiene education is frequently absent, allowing gender-based taboos and violence to thrive and fostering mis-information.

What Does This Mean?

Girls drop out of school (or fall behind) and women - who also lack access to affordable, safe, affordable hygiene products - miss work and other opportunities.

We Can Change This!

When WorldServe International provides clean water and other economic drivers to a community, women and girls benefit dramatically. Many girls can attend school for the first time (or attend more often). Women have additional time to care for their families and allow for other new opportunities.

With this in mind, WorldServe has partnered with a microenterprise producing Tanzania's only locally made, eco-friendly, 100% compostable and biodegradable sanitary pad - UhuruPads ("Uhuru" is the Swahili word for "Freedom"). This life-changing product creates employment for women and brings understanding, health, and hygiene to Tanzanian girls in need.

Sponsor a Girl. Sponsor a Classroom. Sponsor a School: It's Life-Changing.

We need your help to bring pads and undergarments, health information and life-affirming confidence to girls in need. Can you:

  • Give $15 to sponsor one girl for a full school year?
  • Give $150 to sponsor ten girls?
  • Give $1500 to sponsor 100 girls?
  • Sponsor girls in an entire school, church, or community group?*

UhuruPads are an environmentally-friendly, sustainable product which makes it easier for girls to attend school with confidence. Perhaps more importantly, through a companion educational platform, when UhuruPads are provided to a school, we also share critical health information, delivered with compassion and grace to convey:

  • You are normal and healthy
  • You are strong and worthy
  • Your body belongs to you

NOTE ON SPONSORSHIPS. When we enter a school community, best practices and experience require that we impact large communities as one - not "just" individual girls so as to truly move forward a culture of dignity, strength, and grace for young women.

Still, your donation for even one young woman really makes a difference as it will be paired with gift from others: no one in a community of girls will be left waiting for the opportunity. Together, the girls can support one another as they all rise to a new level of understanding and self-worth.

Our organization's size, rapid growth, and the volume of young women we are serving means that instead of providing donors with individual profiles, within 90 days of making a contribution, a donor will receive an overview of the school environment in which their gift is making a difference (the school's location, attendance figures, distance the girls must travel, etc.).

*If you seek to sponsor a school community (based on a total number of 300 girls), we are happy to advise you in advance of the school selected for your support and provide photographs of our school visit (while preserving the individual discretion of the young women served).

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