2019-2020 Crowdfunding Campaign for St. Joseph Shelter

By Hope of St Joseph Shelter Inc

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The History of the Shelter...

For almost 13 years, Father Donato Lwiyando and a dedicated team of volunteers have devoted their energy to passionately support poor communities affected by war in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. Hope of St. Joseph Shelter Inc (Canadian Charity #: 76001-4324-RR0001) creates awareness and carries out fundraising activities and events for St. Joseph Shelter, founded by Fr. Donato, where abused and sexually exploited women and their newborn babies are welcomed, supported and helped through a process of hope restoration.

Trying to alleviate this problem...

The gold, coltan and other precious mineral mines in the Congo are totally controlled, through armed gangs, by corporations who only seek economic benefits. The rape of women and girls has been used as a weapon of war and terror. The armed gangs and even the military troops have raped many Congolese women. To escape this situation, many girls go to the city where they fall into prostitution nets and are sexually exploited. St Joseph Shelter (in Bukavu) welcomes these marginalized women and works hard to try to restore hope for them.

Here’s what we’re doing about it...

St Joseph Shelter offers safe housing, basic necessities and school enrollment to all its residents. The young girls at St. Joseph Shelter have been violently taken from their families by militants and subjected to sexual exploitation and violence. With no other means of support, they rely on generous people to help them rebuild their lives. The girls and their children benefit from a stable environment, psychological follow-up and vocational training to prepare them for the future with a plan for social reintegration after three or four years. We invite you to visit our website at WWW.HOPEISLIFE.CA to learn more of our mission and what we do.

You can join us and be part of the solution...

You can help restore the hope and dignity of these young girls by joining this campaign and/or any of the other fundraising activities we do. You will also contribute to the future of this community in Bukavu, as the girls receive training in preparation for independence when they go out into the community (after their time at the shelter). More than 97% of the money we raise during each and every one of our fundraising campaigns, events and activities goes to support the shelter. We also invite you to explore our website WWW.HOPEISLIFE.CA to learn more about the crisis in The Congo and our sponsorship programs.

Please support our cause, we are counting on you!

St Joseph Shelter does not receive any financial support from government agencies nor private corporations... the shelter stays alive because of YOU! Your donations and your prayers are the single one reason these girls receive all the material and emotional help they need to keep going in life and regain their faith, hope and strength. We are pleased to offer tax-deductible receipts to our Canadian donors for contributions of $20 or more.

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