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Restoring dignity and safety to thousands of women and children trapped on Lesvos Island, Greece with a simple solution: adequate showers

For all of the estimated 7000 people surviving in the grossly overcrowded Moria camp (built for 2500), conditions are unimaginably horrific. The lack of safe and private washing facilities adds to the indignities that women and children in particular suffer on a daily basis.

Please watch this short video for a clear understanding of conditions inside Moria

Morias washing facility structures are insufficient and unprotected making them hotspots for sexual assaults on women and girls; there are even reports of women wearing adult nappies as they fear using facilities at night.

We aim to deliver proper hygiene, a basic right, and restore some form of dignity to those trapped on Lesvos.

We are WWW.RESPOND.GLOBAL for the past 16 months we have been providing construction and logistics services free of charge trying to better the life's of displaced people.

We have secured the use of a warehouse very close to Moria camp where we will build internal shower blocks with private changing areas to allow women to wash in peace.
Working in consultation with UK festival shower providers, our incredibly skilled award winning construction team is ready to come out and join our existing team to begin building.

We will provide female volunteers, to staff the showers providing clean towels and cosmetic products, also providing an area for hair drying etc

Great new LUSH have agreed to supply all the cosmetics for this project. We cannot thank them enough.

Also http://dirtygirlsoflesvos.com/ have agreed to help us launder our towels.

Respond is now registered as a charitable fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, UK charity no. 1099682.

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