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Good writing skills are at the foundation of a successful life. If you can’t write confidently, you’ll struggle to reach your full potential.

Every day we meet young people with poor writing skills, many of whom have decided they are “bad” at writing – and therefore “bad” at school. But often they’re not bad at writing. Often these young people have wonderful ideas, but lack the confidence and skills to transfer them to the page.

At the Sydney Story Factory, we have found a unique way to overcome this problem. Our small army of trained volunteers – nearly 700 of them – work with students one-on-one or in small groups, giving them the personal attention that transforms their writing skills and confidence.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their tutor, young people discover that writing can be fun, and actually they’re much better at it than they thought. New paths open up for them into the future.


We won’t be able to keep doing this much longer. Our student numbers are growing fast, and we desperately need to recruit more volunteers and make sure we keep the ones we have.

Here's how our amazing help our organisation:
  • Volunteers allowed our staff of just 3 FTEs to take over 2,500 student enrolments in our first 18 months.
  • Each enrolment received on average three hours of personal attention to their writing.
  • Volunteer time given in that period was valued at over $230,000.


Your donation will directly help the young people we work with. It will allow us to run a volunteer recruitment drive; run professional learning workshops for volunteers, giving them the skills to lead workshops as well as tutor in them; and employ a co-ordinator to give volunteers the personal and administrative support that will help them stick with us.

This will allow us to see more young people, and keep giving all our students the one-on-one or small group attention that really makes a difference to their writing ability

Without volunteers, the Sydney Story Factory would not exist. Please help us to help them. Together we can transform the lives of young people, one story at a time.


"...children feel validated, empowered, nurtured, and they know their creative talents are welcomed, appreciated and valued. They come to know their worth and this works on their emotional, mental and spiritual health."

"Volunteering at SSF is a highlight of my week and allows me to feel much more connected to my local community. I really believe in the purpose of SSF - to spark creativity in the children and show them they can write - and I can see how it makes a tangible difference in the students' lives. Tutoring at SSF has also helped me as a writer, parent and trainer think more practically about the creative process."

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