Cyclone Pam: Heart blong mifala stap wetem yufala

By Vanuatu High Commission

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What are the funds for?

As a community of researchers, volunteers, aid workers, friends and family we are saddened by the loss of life and injuries caused by Cyclone Pam. As an international community with links to Vanuatu we want to help. Our hearts go out to all our friends and family in Vanuatu.

These funds will be spent directly in Vanuatu, and have no administrative fee. The small-scale of this fund means that it can be administered by volunteers including the Director of Finance.

Repairing the Central Hospital

The first $20,000 of these funds will be spent on rebuilding essential infrastructure at the Central Hospital, Port Vila. The Central Hospital sustained significant damage and flooding during the cyclone. This is significantly impacting on the care that the hospital can currently offer its patients. Thank yu true to everyone who donated.

Repairing the Chiefs House.

The Chief's Nakamal has been destroyed by Cyclone Pam (see image).The second $30,000 will be spent on rebuilding the roof of the Council of Chiefs Nakamal, the meeting house for the Malvatumauri (National Council of Chiefs) in Port Vila.

The Malvatumauri have an important Constitutional role and are a central institution in the governance of Vanuatu.
This is in response to a specific request from the Vanuatu Government who are concerned that the Malvatumauri no longer have a meeting house and that this, understandably, will not be a priority for international donors.

Who will manage the funds?

Allocation of funds will be administered on-the-ground by a Committee made up of the Vanuatu High Commissioner or his representative, a representative of the Australian Friends of Vanuatu, and a representative of the Vanuatu Department of Finance.

This is a joint initiative based on an ongoing partnership between 'the Australian Friends of Vanuatu' and the Vanuatu High Commission, located in Canberra.

The request to set up this funds comes directly from the Vanuatu High Commission. The Vanuatu High Commissioner Kalfau Kaloris has been involved in developing this fund with representatives from the Australian Friends of Vanuatu.

The request to use the second $30,000 to rebuild the Council of Chief's Nakamal comes from Minister of Lands, Ralph Regenvanu.

The bank account attached to this fund is located in the Vanuatu High Commission, in Canberra. All funds will be properly acquitted to donors.

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Team Members

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High Commissioner Kalfau Kaloris

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