Urgent Appeal for Rejected Tiger Cubs

By Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life

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A A little bit of context

We have reached our goal!! So soon! Thankyou for all who supported these cubs.  Please watch our website www.cee4life.org and Facebook page for updates on the cubs and all of Bandung Zoo situation.

We will leave the description of this campaign up so you can all read about this journey. Thankyou all supporters :)

An older female Bengal tiger named Syla, has given birth to two beautiful tiger cubs, Asin and Maharani, in Bandung Zoological Gardens, Indonesia on the 25th June 2017. This came as a huge surprise as Syla is 9 years old and was diagnosed with being higly unlikely of being able to conceive.  This is her first litter of cubs.  

But there’s a problem

A few days after birth, Syla began showing signs of aggression towards the cubs. Although mum and cubs were very healthy and strong, Syla continued worrying behavior towards Asin and Maharani. It was hoped that she would settle down, but it has now come to the point where it is too dangerous for the cubs to be left with her.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Cee4life (Conservation & Environmental Education 4 Life www.cee4life.org) is a small Australian non profit charity. 

We have been helping the Bandung Zoological Gardens and supporting the efforts to upgrade the animals enclosures, support to the animals health and well being and provide public education programs on "Compassion for the Animals" since March 2017. You can find out more about our efforts on our website at www.cee4life.org/current-projects/

We are answering the call to action to aid these beautiful tiger cubs and will help provide them with the formula's, suppliments, and comfort, that they need.

Since this happened, the mother tiger, Syla, has been given excellent Veterinary care and she has been observed as behaving quite normaly Syla is very comfortable and healthy. There are many reasons by maternal rejection can happen and it is quite common in both wild and captive animals. We will certainly keep a close eye on Syla to ensure that she given the very best of care.

The little tiger cubs require a special formula, Wombaroo Tiger Cub Formula, in order for them to survive and grow up strong.  Without this formula their health and survival will be severely compromised. At the moment, a small supply of the formula has been located, however as Wombaroo Tiger Cub Formula is not available in Indonesia, we must bring it over from Australia via a mercy flight in a couple of weeks.

As the cubs get older, they will be introduced to meat and slowly be weaned off the milk formula. They will then need to be provided with the addition of Carnivore Supplement. This supplement provides the little tigers with the vitamin and mineral health support that they would naturally receive in a balanced healthy diet. They will need this supplement for the rest of their lives. 

Ongoing Veterinary care, enrichment and primary health care will be pivotal in ensuring these beautiful, special Cubs thrive

We will update regularly on the progress of these precious tiger cubs.

There are less than 3200 tigers in the wild, in the world. The tigers habitat is being destroyed and they are being poached and bred for illusory medicines and bogus status of those who wish to own a tiger fur.

These precious little tiger cubs are a beautiful surprise. Although the mother is unable to care for them, we will embrace them with love and strive to provide them with the very best care for the rest of their lives.

For further information please go to our website to read more on the journey of Syla, Asin and Maharani - http://www.cee4life.org/tiger-cubs-of-bandung-zoological-gardens/


 You can join us on this incredibly unique opportunity !

We need to raise $1000 AU to support the tiger cubs with the special care that they need including Wombaroo Tiger Formula, Carnivore Supplement, additional meat supplies, support to 24/7 Veterinary and Keeper Care, and provide the cubs with a warm, safe, enriching and comfortable living environment.  

As you can imagine, these specially made tiger milk formulas and carnivore suppliments are quite expensive, but they are vitally needed to ensure the healthy growth of these tiger cubs.

Asin and Maharani will never become part of the tourism "tiger selfie" mentality. They will be given peace and love for the rest of their lives and you will be able to observe them when you come and visit Bandung Zoological Gardens.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us !

Exciting perks for you! 

* 2 x Bali Holidays at Villa Puri Purnama - 2 days for 2 guests in a Master Suite OR 2 adults and up to 2 children ( under 12 yrs) sharing a Family Beachfront Studio dates of your choice subject to availability !

See - http://www.villapuripurnamabali.com/

* 20 x Family Passes to Bandung Zoological Gardens, plus personalised "Meet the Animals" or "Behind the Scenes" at Bandung Zoological Gardens !

* 20 x Single Passes to Bandung Zoological Gardens, plus free pass to participate in one of the education programs. ! 

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