Self-sustainable Kenyan Village and Orphanage

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Umoja Orphanage Kenya's Vision for an extraordinary future

Umoja’s vision is for Australia and Africa to work together to build a self-sustainable children’s village that will house, feed and educate at least 60 orphaned and vulnerable children from the Ukunda area of Kenya.

The Umoja Children’s Village will help more than just children. By providing employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged locals we will empower the community and help break the cycle of poverty.

Together we will achieve the extraordinary. 

Please note: due to recent upheaval in Kenya the people of the Ukanda area are suffering further. The main industry, tourism, has declined and many people have been put off from their regular work. This proves why we need to create our self-sustainable village, so that these wonderful people can survive these tough times. Your help will be greatly appreciated. As little as $5 will help. What's $5 to us - small change?

But we need your help

Since our inception, three years ago, we have had the support of Rotary and volunteers and sponsors, but we are now at the next stage and need your help. Our plans are drawn up and we know where the project is heading, we just need the funding to get there. Things don't always go to schedule in Africa so though each stage is planned we tweak them along the way.

Now we are ready to build our first children's home, among many other projects such as:
  • First children’s home – for up to 12 children depending on ages, which also includes the homing of a house mamma and a house aunty to care for the children.
  • Administration/storage building
  • First volunteer housing – for up to 6 volunteers
  • Agricultural manager’s home
  • Outdoor area for homework/relaxation for the children and staff
  • Playground for the children
  • Chicken farm

And that's only stage one.

Please see our website for all stages and detailed information:
Our Work

We've accomplished a lot so far

Yes, we've been busy since July 2011 when Bundaberg School Teacher, Cathy Booth, founded the project.

We've been making a difference to the Kwale District, the second poorest county in Kenya. 

The Umoja Children’s Village is located about an hour from Mombasa and 10 minutes’ drive from the small town of Ukunda. The nearby tourist area known as Diani Beach is popular attraction for tourists. Close to our land are a local school and the new Kenyatta University Campus. The people in this community earn their living from farming and cattle and we are helping them with self-sustainability.

So far we have accomplished:
  •   Purchased 15 acres of prime land 
  •   Built a caretaker’s cottage
  •   Installed guttering and connected water tanks
  •   Constructed and secured a well
  •   Completed 15 acres of perimeter fencing
  •   Built a cow shed and composting toilet/shower
  •   Bought two cows
  •   Purchased and erected a large greenhouse for food production
  •   Begun construction on a 6 foot block security fence
  •   Employed three permanent Kenyans (Project manager and Caretakers)
  •   Hired Kenyan casual labourers and trained them in fencing, building   and farming practices
  •   Sponsored two Kenyan adults in tailoring at sewing school and a Diploma in child welfare to 
  •   Partnered with the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya by hiring   two consultants to train locals and volunteers in sustainable practices
  •   Began our self-sustainability projects—farming and food production
  •   Held two free 1st aid clinics for surrounding villagers 
  •   Shared water with the surrounding village
  •   Built positive relationships with our neighbouring villagers
  •   Taken three tour groups to Kenya (41 people) with the Volunteer Program

Fundraising is difficult

Umoja volunteers have previously tried all sorts of fundraising endeavors but we now need solid funding to build the orphanage. We need your help to keep our commitment to the beautiful people of Kenya.

It will cost us:
  • $100,000 to build first home for our children, volunteer accommodation, and administration office and store
Our first home will consist of 4 bedrooms to home up to 12 children, house mother, and house aunty. The amount of children per home will depend on the children’s ages on entering their new home.
  • Funds to begin our Agricultural Project for self-sustainability
We need funds for our bores, solar power, greenhouses, sheds, animals, seedlings, and farm equipment to allow us to begin food production as soon as possible.

You'll know your donation is helping directly 
100% of sponsorship donations go directly to caring for the orphaned children. Once we have our infrastructure to rehome our future children built, approximately 94%, of other donations will be spent on the project.
The remaining 6% will be used to promote interest to sustain the future of the project and pay for administration costs. We are volunteer-based, relying solely on people giving their time and donations. We are driven and determined to keep the commitments that we make to our in-country partners. As a result, we will analyse needs before we commit, raise funds, and closely measure results. No members of the Umoja team are paid for their work.

Thank you to James for putting together the volunteer video. Thank you to The Good Life Orphanage, Mtepeni, Kenya, for the images of Cathy with the GLO children. Every contribution is important.

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Team Members

Donna Munro

Cathy Booth