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The need for The Welcome Dinner Project

The Welcome Dinner Project helps connect newly arrived people with established Australians through pot-luck style dinners in the comfort of their own home.

Newly arrived people, such as asylum seekers, migrants and international students, are often feeling isolated . However, many local Australians have expressed to us that they would like to meet and befriend newly arrived people, but they don't know how to find these people.

In its first year The Welcome Dinner Project has been busy warming the hearts and minds of over 1000 people. All this has been achieved by dedicated volunteers and driven by the desire of people in our communities to connect in a spirit of welcome and openness!

Our Goal - A Welcome Dinner Every Day

To keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for Welcome Dinners, We need to grow. We know that if we are truly going to make a broad impact, we need to transition from a Welcome Dinner every few weeks to one every day – right across the nation.

But to do that we can't rely just on volunteers. We need to raise funds and employ staff dedicated to the planning of hundreds of Welcome Dinners. It is a huge job but we know how to do it well and we have all the tools in place to make this a reality!

If you join us now and help us rise $50,000 we will be able to go beyond Sydney and reach communities across the country.

We are all aware of the many challenges in our society for newly arrived people and the popularity of this project tells us there is endless goodwill out there to create a different kind of story - one that represents the true "fair go" Australia!

You can join us...and enjoy some delicious perks

Help us say "yes" to a culture of welcome in Australia!

Please give now and become a champion of this cause! In return we have some delicious treats for you!

For $50 you get a delicious Homemade Jar of Jam by Two and Five
For $100 you can nab the First Edition of The Welcome Dinner Recipe Cookbook with delicious meals we have tried at our dinners
For $150 you get one of the Seasonal Regional Cookbooks by Sustainable Table
For $200 you can enjoy a hand-pick organic Veggie Box by The Veggie Trail
For $250 you will be the star of a personalised Photoshoot with Hamed Uood and Jessica Tilley, have your portrait framed and be a part of the joiningthedots Heros
For $500 Head Chef O Tama Carey from Berta restaurant will cook with you and a friend
For $1000 You and a friend can enjoy a Dinner with Misschu Herself at any Australian branch of the restaurant

And for the big prize...

For $2500
You and three lucky friends will spend a day out with Misschu as your skipper aboard her luxury speedboat cruising around Sydney Harbour! And of course enjoy a lovely Misschu lunch

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