The Hummingbird Project Brighton

By Elaine Ortiz

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The Hummingbird Project

Hello and welcome to The Hummingbird Project!

I am asking people to help make something happen that is very special.

I want to take a bunch of kind hearted people to Calais with me every month, loaded with much needed supplies ready to give to people who really, really need our help.

I am talking about bringing aid to the men, women and children who are living in the most horrendous 'camps' in Calais.

The people who have fled war torn countries, trauma's and oppression. Those who have had no choice than to try and move to somewhere safer for them and their families.

To do this I need money, donations of equipment and food.. and I also need people to join me! So please get in touch if you would like to come along.

We have a global refugee crisis and we all need to come together and help in some way. We certainly are not doing that as a country unfortunately.

The 'migrants', 'immigrants', 'refugees' ,'asylum seekers', they are human beings just like us. Lets show some solidarity. These people really have no other choice than to try and make a better life- I am sure most of us would do the same if we had to!

The Hummingbird Project is based on a story of a small hummingbird who tries to put a fire out in a forest on its own. The story is about doing all you can, no matter how big the problem is.

As the story suggests we can work alone or we can work together to make bigger things happen. We all have different things we can offer whether that is time, skills, knowledge, support or donations. So please help me get this project of the ground in what ever way you can.

We will be there to provide some essential supplies to help keep people as warm, dry and as safe as possible in the colder months. We will offer hot food and drinks when we are there and we can also offer some kindness and some comfort.

I will be collecting kind messages from supporters which we will bring with us to Calais.

You can write yours down if you want to participate or you can send on or

How are you planning on spending the money?

The money will go on many things such as van hire, travel expenses (ferry, petrol) and also buying much needed supplies.

Once our target of £15,000 has been reached the additional funds raised in this campaign will also be used to put towards a crisis fund that will help refugees that have managed to cross the border and arrived here with nothing.

Some of the supplies we will be buying and taking donations for are as follows:

Lighting (solar?)
Bungee cords
Bike tools

Drinks-especially water
Large Water carriers
Mobile phones and chargers
First Aid Kits
Tooth brushes
Sanitary Products
Sleeping blankets
Pots, pans, utensils
Pens and Paper
Art Supplies/musical instruments
Fire extinguishers and blankets

Other suggestions welcome .

About me....

I am a 29 year old woman who has been working as a front line support worker for over 10 years, 12 years if you include volunteer work. I currently work part time with people living with HIV but my specialism and training is working with people who have experienced abuse such as domestic and sexual violence. I have specifically worked with people with no recourse to public funds and had fled abuse for around 2 years in a dedicated service in Manchester. Before this I have worked within child protection. I lead a very busy and fulfilling life- which I am very grateful for. When I am not working I help coordinate an activist group called the English Disco Lovers ( who protest against the far right group EDL and look at alternative ways to protest and campaign for equality. Feel free to get in touch if you need any more information. Thanks. Elaine Ortiz

Message of Support From Keith Taylor- Green Party MEP.

Keith Taylor welcomes Brighton Hummingbird Project to bring help to migrants in Calais

"While David Cameron is hearing only the dog-whistle baying anti-migrant cries of the right, I find it very heartening that - away from Westminster - grassroots initiatives such as the Hummingbird Project in Brighton are offering a people-led response to xenophobia, and planning to give humanitarian aid to Calais migrants. Elaine Ortiz recently set up the Hummingbird Project, which aims to support migrant communities in Calais by crowdfunding to buy supplies for those in the camps near the Eurotunnel. People can donate to the project here or contact Elaine on the Hummingbird Project facebook page to find out how else you may be able to support.

I wish Elaine and her team all the best with this initiative. It is a fantastic example of how we can act locally to challenge the Government's dangerous rhetoric with positive action and by helping those in need."

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