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terrealuma is a healing refuge in the making. A place you can come to heal trauma, and regenerate - a centre for activism rooted in the spirit, and for creative bliss. Our motivation is to be of service to people in need, regardless of their financial circumstances.

On 40 acres of wild, secluded land, with the help of volunteers, we're running a permaculture farm, constructing natural buildings, and practicing meditation. Although we're practising buddhists, the place is for people of all faiths or none.

why does the world need another retreat centre?

People and the environment are becoming dangerously stressed, depleted, burned out and traumatised. It's become a matter of urgency to reclaim direct contact with fire, earth, clean water and air - and our own natural state of power and joy - so we can work for effective change.

It's not about well-being as a luxury commodity but making proper conditions for people to heal, using home-grown organic food and herbs, natural buildings, music and art, as well as buddhist and taoist practices. It's this mix of skillfully taking care of all levels - with the ultimate aim of activating change, that makes our place special.

how did we start?

Maciek learned about the healing properties of food and herbs from his own experience with serious illness, while Sarah's used the land as a refuge for years, while maintaining 16 years of busy therapy practice.

We decided to create terrealuma to bring our skills together and to extend what this beautiful land has done for us, to others.

where are we going?

We're building an ambitious infrastructure which includes an amphitheatre-shaped communal space, with an eye-shaped building the back, a campsite on which we plan to have a yurt or two, a free-standing adobe building, a wooden house, secluded forest huts and a caretakers house partially submerged into the slope.

We aim to house up to 20 people in buildings alone, and offer spaces for individual or group healing (food and herbs), creative retreats (music, writing, art) and spiritual retreats, with plenty of privacy, and guidance if it is wanted. We aim to be able to comfortably host workshops and events in the spirit of healing, creativity and service, and welcome guests in yurts from next year

you can help

we need 5,000 pounds minimum in order to build 300m of access road. We can't get started on proper building work to make spaces for guests until we have one. We're very isolated, particularly when it's muddy or snowy, and supplies just can't get in, in fact we can barely get in and out ourselves!

with thanks for your support...

The biggest reward of all will be the completion of terrealuma, giving you a place to come to heal, regenerate and renew your forces.

You can keep up with the vision and the action on the ground at terrealuma.com by reading the blog or signing up for the newsletter (at the bottom of every page). We don't do other forms of social media.

In the meantime, check out the perks on the right hand side over there... and enjoy our gift to you, Paragita, an original musical take on the Buddhist Heart Sutra by Tambulus, the musical wing of terrealuma.

who are we?

Maciek's a musician, music producer, chef and farmer who works closely with food and herbs combining knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine and modern nutrition to develop the healing potential of the land. His food is truly amazing!

Sarah is a therapist, writer, Reiki Master, artist, singer and originator of the Creative Regeneration process, which combines meditation, focusing, free writing and intuitive painting to get people attuned with their power deeply and fast.

Volunteers from all over the world are helping us build the centre, maintaining the land and garden, gathering herbs and constructing spaces for guests.

Our team members are poet, creative nonfiction writer and teacher Kim Noriega, yoga teacher and massage-healer extraordinaire Joanna from Poland, LA-based writer, producer and recording artist Marina Muhlfriedel, multidisciplinary artist George Finlay Ramsay and The Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre, which offers acupuncture, counselling, Reiki and medical herbalism in Glasgow.

Fundraisers are multidisciplinary artist Nasim Luczaj and Taoist master The Barefoot Doctor. Click on their individual pages to find out more.


Creative Regeneration and Creative Writing workshops were run for this first time this year at/near terrealuma...

"terrealuma is my idea of paradise -- wild and beautiful, a place where the soul of the world comes to shake out its wings, a place where body and spirit can walk together through the high grass. It's what I hope eternity will be like."

Cecilia Woloch (Poet, writer, teacher, workshop leader)

After Terrealuma

There's something about driving the switchback roads

that wind through the Lower Carpathians

to reach a hidden narrow dirt road

that opens out to a clearing surrounded by meadows and gardens and trees

All of a sudden, you take a deep breath

and with it comes the sweet sensation of Terrealuma -

not only a place but a state of being

guided by Sarah and Maciek who nurture this land

And provide a retreat for freedom and healing and a bit of magic

along with a welcome so profound that it lingers with you when you leave,

and you become a Terrealumian. And then there's the extraordinary food...

you have never eaten cabbages and beets like these.

Susan Baukhages (poet, change agent, child of the universe, workshop participant)

"Over the past several years, I've become increasingly aware of an urgent need to re-wild myself, to reclaim direct connection with that which sustains life--earth, water, air, food, community. Enter Terrealuma! Which precisely and brilliantly provides a way and a place to fill these needs, and needs of which I was yet unaware--personal and collective regeneration, constructive opposition to consumer culture with its abuses of power and its treatment of the earth as its private treasure chest. And, maybe what I've needed most of all--night song, sky, wild and rampant beauty"

Kim Noriega ( poet, creative nonfiction writer and teacher, team member)

it sounds other-worldly but...

It takes so much hard work and costs so much money just to maintain the place - let alone to develop it to be open to guests. We're entirely self-funded and Maciek works more than full-time on the ground at terrealuma.

Please give whatever you may be able to, no amount is too big (we can stretch the target!) or too small (we get it).

With heartfelt thanks,

Sarah and Maciek

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Team Members

Sarah Luczaj

George Finlay Ramsay


Kim Noriega

Maciej Owczarek

Marina Muhlfriedal

Southside Counselling and Therapy Centre, Glasgow