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The Northern Territory is a tough place to be a performing artist. The distances to travel are huge, and the cost of living is high. But it is also very rich in culture, and a fertile breeding ground for incredibly talented and, because of the isolation, incredibly unique artists.

MusicNT ' supports the growth and development of original contemporary music in the Northern Territory'. In other words, we are the interface between geographically and often socially disadvantaged artists and the rest of the world.

We help remote and isolated Australians realise their musical dreams and creative career aspirations. In doing so we are impacting on the health and wellbeing of entire communities, and bringing what we think is some of the best music in Australia to light.

MusicNT has recently undergone a rapid stage of growth with our programs achieving fantastic outcomes locally and nationally. However in this unstable funding climate, we desperately need more support to continue.

Plus1 Matched Funding
We are very excited to have been selected for the Plus1 program. Plus1 means that every dollar you donate to our amazing programs will be matched dollar for dollar by Creative Partnerships Australia and put towards employing a Development Manager. In plain speak this means we can employ someone who can continue our fundraising and look after the people and businesses who support us. This is a very important position that will mean that our team can actually focus on delivering programs long into the future.

To get the money though, we need your support. We need to raise $30,000 by May 28 2015. We are a Charitable Organisation and have DGR status, so anything you donate is Tax Deductible. All the money you give is going directly towards supporting real outcomes for Territory artists. Thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia's Plus1 program, every dollar you give to this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar, provided we reach our campaign target of $30,000.

Remember your donation is doubled until May 28, so please support our campaign and help us help remote artists to have an artistic career and realise their musical dreams.

Our Programs
We run innovative and rewarding programs and events with great outcomes for remote musicians at all different stages of their professional journey. Here's a few of them:

The National Indigenous Music Awards
Your donation helps with the delivery of one of Australia's most prestigious and celebrated music awards – the National Indigenous Music Awards. The NIMAs not only recognize the achievements of the country's best Indigenous performers and rising stars, it also celebrates their talent with a powerful, family-friendly concert at the Darwin Amphitheatre.

Sista Sounds and Desert Divas Your donation supports development programs for Indigenous women across the Northern Territory. MusicNT supports opportunities in music for Indigenous women through the delivery of Desert Divas and Sista Sounds programs, which comprise of remote workshops, skills development and showcase opportunities for women of all ages.

intune music conference
Your donation helps MusicNT deliver the premier music industry conference and showcase opportunity in the Territory – the intune music conference. intune is an opportunity for Territory musicians to showcase their music, network with and hear from leaders in the Australian music industry. It's a specifically programmed event that focuses on tangible outcomes for artists and music industry at any stage of their careers.

Bush Bands Program
Your donation helps to deliver two of Central Australia's premier music industry events - the Bush Bands Bash and Bush Bands Business. The Bush Bands program provides Indigenous musicians from remote communities across Central Australia an opportunity to hone their music and performance skills, gain industry knowledge and put it all to practice at an impressive concert in front of thousands.

Some other Programs

NT Song of the Year Awards

Original Recipe
Hot Shots
We also run a stack of other workshops and communication initiatives, and give direct assistance and advice to artists and the music industry.

MusicNT has been helping remote Australians realise their musical dreams around for 19 years. We have a great team of skilled and passionate people on the job, working across two offices in Darwin and Alice Springs. Please have a look at our website to see the range and depth of who we are and what we do:

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