Help create a death friendly society

By Festival of Death and Dying

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The death taboo

is a big problem. Even though the mortality rate remains at 100%, we don't talk about death and dying.

creates a hidden social burden

 We will all die or be affected by the deaths of those we love, yet when death comes we are not prepared for it.  Not talking about death causes many problems. It deprives the dying of the best possible death and isolates the bereaved creating a huge and largely hidden social burden of distress which is linked to other social problems such as alcoholism. lonliness and homelessness.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The aim of the festival is to help build a death-friendly society: where death and dying is shared and understood. A 'festival' offers diverse opportunities (47 different events across 3 towns in 2019) to dissolve the death taboo:  so whether a person is religious or atheist, young or old,  it doesn't matter, there is a point of entry for everyone.

You can help this idea grow

At the centre of the Festival is a small team of highly skilled people who have worked tirelessly for months on a voluntary basis creating the website, building relationships, organising events, considering the programme, outreach, legal and safeguarding implications, and financing, as well as getting the word out through multiple channels so that so the festival has the greatest possible reach across the community. We have resources all of this entirely ourselves but we won't be able to continue on this basis indefinitely.

We need £5,000 to ensure that we are financially and psychologically sustained to continue applying for funding, travelling to meetings, printing materials, building relationships, gently facilitating the process of dissolving the taboo and empowering the people we connect with, colllating the data and feedback we will collect, writing reports and emails and allow us to dedicate the time and care this project requires. 

We'll let you know how it went...

After the event we will have a full debrief, collate the data we collected, explain what we are doing with the money, and make a proposal for a sustainable and flourishing future. Please let us know if you'd like to be part of that process and we'll keep you in the loop!

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Festival of Death and Dying

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