We're running half a marathon to support education in Honduras!

By Educate.

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Support Belle and Lisa in their quest to run the Carcoar half a marathon under the scorching Australian sun in order to raise funds for the NGO: educate.

educate. was founded by Lisa, Antonia, and Jocelyn last year, and is an organisation that supports education and preventative healthcare initiatives in Honduras, Central America. Lisa and Antonia both worked as volunteers in schools and orphanages in Honduras for 12 months and this is what motivated them to continue to support education related projects in the central american country.

Why Honduras?

Honduras is the second-poorest country in Central America, and 66% of the population lives in poverty. Following a military coup in June 2009, the country suffered an aid freeze that led to humanitarian crisis, the effects of which continue today. Violence is a part of everyday life - Honduras is one of the most violent countries in the world, and children are regularly recruited into street gangs. School attendance drops below 50% for secondary school, and for those from poorer backgrounds, studying at university is nearly impossible without the financial support of scholarships.

Although educate. acknowledges that many of Honduras' problems are structural, educate. believes that it is possible to have practical, micro-level impacts on people’s lives, and that the best way to achieve this in a sustainable, local way is through education. educate. works to provide opportunities for Honduras' children and young people to go to school, university, or gain vocational training. The work educate. does is small on a grand scale, but for the individuals educate. supports it is life-changing.

educate.'s Mission and vision

The mission of educate. is to empower at-risk children and youth in Honduras through access to education and preventative healthcare. With this goal in mind, educate. provides school sponsorship programmes and funding to education and health-related projects around Honduras at underfunded schools and orphanages.

educate.'s projects at schools and orphanages aim to make them more inviting and effective places for students to learn, thereby not only helping children stay in education, but also keeping them off the streets and lowering their risk of being recruited into gangs.

educate.s scholarship grants give driven, talented students in need of financial assistance the opportunity to go on to further their education. This is not only an investment in the skills of a single individual, but can also motivate other students to remain in secondary school, knowing there is the possibility of higher education at the end. It will also have far-reaching effects on the students' futures and their families.

educate. envisions a Honduras where all children and youth have the opportunity to gain a quality education.

What is educate currently working on?

Currently, educate. is sponsoring the incredibly driven young student Stephanie Chevez, the daughter of two Honduran farmers, who graduated in the top 3 in her highschool. Stephanie is now studying medicine in San Pedro Sula on an educate. scholarship, an opportunity her family could not have afforded her. educate. are also working with the dedicated staff at the El Hogar de Niños orphanage in Santa Barbara to start an animal therapy programme for children who have suffered immense emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

By investing in the development of skills in Honduran youth, educate. hopes to help empower them become doctors, teachers, innovators and leaders who will create possibilities for further local, sustainable growth and development.

Want to know more about educate.?

To find out more, visit the educate. website:


educate. is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with the Scottish Charity Register. Our charity number is SC047277.

Please sponsor Belle and Lisa in their quest to run 21kms under the sweltering Australian sun by making a donation to the organisation educate. here!

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Team Members

Lisa van Holsteijn and Belle Kelly