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A little bit of context

For over four years now the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition has been kicking goals for young people and the sector that supports them. We have been a strong and united voice on keys issues affecting young people and their lives.

But there’s a problem

Like many other community organisations AYAC is facing funding uncertainty, with The Federal Government committing NO funding for AYAC in the Budget Our Board is therefore making some tough decisions to ensure that AYAC is able to continue to effectively fulfil its role as a national peak body for young people and the sector that supports them.

But our funding is at risk and we need your help to ensure that AYAC sustains its critical role into the future.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

For around 30 years there has been some form of national peak body for youth affairs in Australia; providing a unified voice at a national level, empowering young people to have a voice in policy development and strengthening the youth sector. We are working hard to ensure that this continues regardless of the Government’s ongoing commitment to peak body funding.

We are building a model of delivery that doesn't rely on government funding. Rather, one that maximises the knowledge and skills in our sector and young people themselves to ensure that a national voice for young people continues to be heard.

It is a model that continues to put young people at the centre of our work and recognises the great value sector workers bring to our work.

You can join us

  • For every $2,000 we raise we can pay the salary of a National Coordinator for a few months - someone to help us support and coordinate our national voice.
  • Your support will also be used to ensure policy response to government inquiries, legislative processes and to identify ways to ensure better outcomes for young people.
  • Your support will help us to continue to provide high quality professional development to the sector.
  • Importantly it will guarantee that we can continue to ensure that young people's inclusion in decision-making is value and supported.
  • The full $20,000 will assist us in being able to sustain a National Coordinator Part-time for a full year
Feel free to get in touch with AYAC [email protected] if you are keen to find out more about how we are intending to sustain our future.

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