Street Spirit Sri Lanka - Help publish a book in Sinhala

By Yolanda Foster

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In order to push for change, communities around the world have used art and creative tactics to protest.

We need your help to publish a book called Street Spirit that documents activism around the world.

We will organise a book launch in Sri Lanka. We are translating the book into Sinhala and including a preface which adds a Sri Lankan context including an interview with Mrs Ekneligoda a campaigner for the disappeared whose struggle for justice epitomises Sri Lankan street spirit as well as a shout out to recent democracy protests.

The book aims to be a resource for students and educators with a launch planned at a Sri Lankan University.

Due to capacity issues we are publishing the book first in Sinhala if we crowdfund enough we aim to make this available in Tamil.

We want to spark conversations about how to campaign in a way which gets ideas across effectively in public space.


We are organising a book launch of Street Spirit in Sri Lanka in 2019 to include some discussions of recent street activism.

We need your help to translate the book; organise a print run; hire a space for the book launch and organise an event at a University to spark conversations.

If we exceed our fundraising goal we will organise more events with students and activists.

We will share some follow up through our hashtag streetspiritSL

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Team Members

Yolanda Foster

Jim McDonald

Nalinda Seniveratne

Natasha Hillary

Ranjith Perera