Standing Up

By Stand Up: Jewish Commitment to a Better World

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This beautiful coffee table book, Standing Up - Jewish Australians committed to a better world, highlights the incredible contribution of Jewish humanitarians, philanthropists and social justice activists in Australia. Voices of the communities that Stand Up engages with, including Indigenous elders and leaders from the Sudanese refugee community are proudly included.

We are seeking to print 1000 copies of this inspiring book, and we need your help. Please pre-purchase your copy today for a discounted rate, which will help us raise the funds to cover printing costs.

All proceeds of the sale go to Stand Up to facilitate programs that empower refugees, engage Indigenous youth and inspire the next generation of Jewish social justice activists.

Interviews were conducted by well-known journalist Deborah Blashki-Marks and stunning portraits taken by professional photographer, entrepreneur and lecturer, Woodrow Wilson. Together they shine a spotlight on this exceptional collection of people, highlighting their unique stories and motivations for changing the world.

Standing Up is published by Stand Up: Jewish commitment to a better world. RRP $99 through bookstores from 15th July.

Stand Up is a non-profit organisation dedicated to pursuing social justice for disadvantaged communities in Australia.

Interviews with:

Dr Andrew Kuper

Boydie Turner

Brian Sherman AM

Carol Schwartz AM

Danny Almagor

David Gonski AC

Gary Samowitz

Dr Hilton Immerman OAM

Dr Howard Goldenberg

Idris Mohamed

James Spigelman AC

John Gandel AO

Komi Jesse Bana

Lisa Buchner

Madeline McGrady

Mark Leibler AC

Melanie Schwartz

Melissa Castan

Rabbi Ralph Genende

Ronni Kahn

Ruth Messinger

Sam Lipski AM

Vicki Vidor OAM


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