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By Samantha Reynolds

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Sponsor a scientist - me!

I have been chosen for a life- and planet-changing opportunity and I need your support!

I am one of 70 women in science chosen from around the world to participate in Homeward Bound 2018. This is a ground-breaking, year-long leadership initiative, turned global movement, set against the backdrop of Antarctica.

Over 10 years, Homeward Bound aims to create a 1000-strong global collaboration of women in science and empower them to take up leadership roles to influence policy and decision-making and shape the future of our planet. The 12-month leadership mentoring programme culminates in all the participants coming together on a three week voyage to Antarctica to focus on addressing the complex problems affecting the future of the planet, and developing creative solutions. Together we will witness first-hand the influence of human activities on this wild and unique continent. The voyage will create strong bonds, inspire action and encourage extraordinary collaborations between us.

For more information see: http://homewardboundprojects.com.au


Homeward Bound will help to address the gender imbalance that persists in science and executive decision making roles, and provide role models for girls and women, to show them that a career in science and leadership is possible for them – just like me!

I am honoured to have been chosen for HOMEWARD BOUND 2018.

My name is Samantha Reynolds and at the age of 44, I have just made my dream of becoming a marine biologist a reality. I graduated from the University of Queensland with a BSc (First Class Honours) at the end of last year. I work with ECOCEAN, a not-for-profit, research, conservation and educational organisation that uses research on the world's biggest fish, the charismatic whale shark, to engage the public in marine conservation and students in STEM learning. I came to my studies later than most and now I want to make the most of my education and inspire others, especially women, to pursue their dreams.

With your help, I can commit myself to developing the skills I need to become part of this global community of women scientists dedicated to changing the way we treat our planet – and each other!

Together, we are stronger. Together we can make a difference to the world!

How your sponsorship will help

Homeward Bound is largely self-funded, with each participant contributing towards the cost of the programme — as well as their own time. This means that the programme is wholly independent and that participants are wholly committed to making the most of this opportunity and becoming a visible force for change in the world.

A talented team of international experts in leadership, science, strategy and visibility donate their time and expertise to deliver the pre-voyage and on-board programmes. These will include leadership diagnostics, one-on-one coaching, building relationships, and developing leadership, communications and strategic capabilities.

The total value of this, including the time and in-kind support from the leadership team and sponsors, exceeds US$26,000 per person. The cost to participants is US$16,000, plus travel to South America (to embark on the voyage to Antarctica), personal travel insurance and winter clothing. For more information and a cost breakdown see: http://homewardboundprojects.com.au/about/governance/

I have been a student for the past 4 years and now work for a not-for-profit research organisation – so I need your support to dedicate myself to the future of our planet!

I know times are tough, but anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated! Even if you can’t help financially, please share this with everyone you’ve ever met! They may be able to give and can share too.

And if you (or your company) can offer in-kind support (e.g. winter clothing, or a travel insurance policy) please contact me directly.

What you will gain

Well, apart from my eternal gratitude(!), I will be your champion for change! Your voice for changing the way we care for our planet.

(And you can take advantage of some great perks that I’ve tailored especially for you!)

This is your chance to “sponsor a scientist” and join me on a journey not just to Antarctica, but to improve gender equality in science and education, to change the face of leadership, and to create a more equitable and sustainable future for us all!


So, be part of the journey!

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