Social Economy -Thessaloniki - Taking back production processes

By Alliance Greek Solidarity of Berlin

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Social Economy Thessaloniki

Taking back labour relations & production processes !

Daily Heroes

We call us Pervolarides, the Gardeners of Thessaloniki. We are a group of people who fight against the economic crisis by working together to solve common problems. We, as unemployed citizens, refugees and immigrants collaborate through not-for-profit neighbourhood activities and solidarity projects in order to build a better and common future.

Why should I care?

Because we are a part of a growing movement in Europe pursuing the goal to build fair and ecological alternatives and so that we can be self-sufficient in building our livelihoods.It is currently the only option to overcome the consequences of the financial crisis in Greece. Instead of waiting for an economic recovery, we are taking our fate into our own hands.

The main idea of social and solidarity Economy- Intro & Examples: Main_Idea_of_social_economy

Reference : Challening_the_crisis

Goal of this crowdfunding

We started a beekeeping cooperative 6 months ago and we need a little help to make it grow. More than 10 people participated in this setting up process and we had a donation of 11 beehives from fellow beekeepers as a start-up – which was absolutely essential! We have the knowledge of beekeeping but we don’t want to keep it for ourselves, rather we want to share it and open up the opportunity to more people. Now as more people get involved we need some more equipment to help with our collective work. This is an open project and everyone working for the cooperative gets a share of the honey according to the hours that the person has put into it.

Why beekeeping or bees at all?

Bees are the most important pollinators and therefore vital to our food chain and environment. The modern food system, which uses pesticides to cultivate monocultures, is damaging to bees and so they need help from small and sustainable producers to help them survive – and ultimately for us to survive! The natural pollination processes supports the fruit and vegetable crop production. Almost 40 percent of the global crop production volume relies on it:


What we do

We promote self-organisation and self-sufficiency for people who are unemployed by a series of activities, which we divide into the social and solidarity economy:


1. Solidarity Economy Group

  • Honey by creating a small beekeeping cooperative

  • Olive oil by collecting olives from abandoned or “donated” trees

  • Jam and tomato sauce preparation

  • Cultivation of fallow urban areas

2. Social Solidarity Group - Collection & Distribution of

  • Fresh fish and groceries donations

  • Food, hygiene products and items clothing as well as medicine for the solidarity/clinics donated by fellow citizens

.... so we do a lot !

What we will do with the money & how can you contribute to it ?

Spread the information, by email, facebook, to everyone you know worldwide and support our work ! If only 8 people donate 15 € we could set up one beehive + population. If this donation is raised by more than 320 participants, we could establish the first self-operating beekeeping farm with more than 20 beehives by

  • buying a honey device extractor (500€) & protection equipment (400 €)
  • paying the start-up costs: rent & utility charges (1000€/per year) as well as transportation costs (700€/per year)

Thus, we could manage to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency by breeding new colonies. We work using only eco-friendly methods which helps both the environment and all living creatures within it!

Join in!

If you want to help us in Thessaloniki, you are most welcome, just

contact us:

Address : Handrinou 4,
Kato Toumpa,

Supported by : Pervolarides, Hellenic Community of Berlin, Alliance Greek Solidarity of Berlin

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Team Members

Alliance Greek Solidarity of Berlin

Attac-Klaus Praetor

Eva Daskalakis

Filippos Polatsidis - Pervolarides

Hellenic Community of Berlin

PD Dr. Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen- FU Berlin