Mother Nature needs her daughter Sigrid in Antarctica!

By Sigrid Maebe

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The HomewardBound project: Mother Nature needs her daughters!

I am very excited to be accepted as one of the 80 women that belong to #TeamHB5 of HomewardBound, the international leadership program that aims to upskill 1000 women with a STEMM background (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine) in the coming years.

From November 2019, I will follow an online course and I will learn about leadership, visibility, strategic capabilities and science communication. In November 2020, me and the other ladies will spend 3 weeks in Antarctica where the leadership, problem solving and collaborative skills will be put to the test.

Not enough girl power in this world

Supporting women in STEMM will significantly improve clarity, confidence, shared vision and strategic capability of these women. They (we!) will proactively contribute to a sustainable world, both individually and collectively. It’s not that men can’t or won’t do this. Rather that, when time is short, it may be that the balance of men and women on leadership teams will serve us all!

More about me

After working for 20 years as a marine biologist, I am now a science communicator on agriculture at the Belgian association of the crop protection industry, Phytofar. I believe that if scientists, farmers and the public understand each other, then politicians can take well-founded decisions on agriculture, food and nature, to change the planet for the best! With this project, I will dive into the art of leadership to spread the message of “Feeding the future together”.

I am the only Belgian woman this year to participate in the program, and only the second one since the start of the project in 2016.

Check this video about me and the #HB5 women in HomewardBound.


HomewardBound is a leadership program, not a scientific expedition to Antarctica. We will be visiting research stations, the issues of climate change and sustainability are addressed, we will work on a number of projects that are affecting our planet, but we will not do research.

To me Antarctica is not only the symbol of the power and beauty of nature, but also of achieving goals together. One cannot survive on Antarctica on her own! Going to Antarctica, the most splendid place on Earth, with a group of passionate women that share the same goals, will be a life changing experience!

Help me to increase visibility for women in STEMM!

Finding sponsors for this program is one of the most challenging aspects. The overall program costs around 30.000 EUR but as a participant I have to invest roughly 17.000 EUR. I am fundraising for part of these costs. If I exceed the actual costs of the program, I will make sure that the surplus will go to initiatives to fight climate change!

In return of your support, your name will travel with me in November 2020, to the most desolate and beautiful place on earth. Choose one of the perks/rewards on the right to support me or just donate what you can miss to get me to Antarctica!

Please contact me if you want more information or if you have other ideas to support me!

Join me in becoming an ambassador for women in STEMM and an ambassador for our planet!

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Team Members

Sigrid Maebe