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Project - Smart, Simple, Rural Living, Challenging the Exploitation Paradigm

Shepherds Ground is a cutting-edge project. We are in the midst of securing a dream. A dream to build a rural village of twenty nine homes nestled on a scenic 10 acre area of a 277 acre farm. 200+ acres will be used by local and community farmers for sustainable food production.
Shepherds Ground is a not-for-profit structured organisation, supporting the community.
To bring about this vision for economic, social and environmental renewal it is critical that we raise the funds needed to buy the land and kick-start the project. Be part of this vision for the future, to share across Australia and beyond.

In October 2014 the Development Application (DA) was unanimously approved by the Port Stephens City Council and described as a blueprint for all future rural land share organisations across Australia.

Shepherds Ground

Are you concerned about

  • Bank control of people's lives and the future?
  • Climate change?
  • Food monopolies, factory farming and genetic modification?
  • Economics that encourage environmentally exploitative practices?
  • Mental health issues in our society arising from a lack of community connection?
  • The isolation of our elders and their value as contributing members of society?

Are you passionate about

  • Caring for the earth and farming organically?
  • Low cost environmentally friendly housing?
  • Sustainable living?
  • A safe environment in which our children live and play?
  • A community caring for our elders, children and each other?
We are challenging the paradigm that only people with deep pockets or those deeply indebted to the bank, have the right to own their own home or productively farm the land for their local community. We are also addressing the paradigm that farming must be exploitative of animals and the environment to be economically viable.

Shepherds Ground
With this model we will

  • Break the cycle of environmental degradation caused by farming controlled by big business;
  • Create an alternative means of producing food for local communities that does not include long, climate-change inducing supply chains;
  • Promote a model where animal health and welfare are considered the first priority of the farmer, not the last;
  • Give young, aspiring farmers the opportunity to start their farming lives not in the pockets of the bank, and help reduce the 60 year old average age of Australian farmers;
  • Combine the financial security of the older generation with the desire to work on positive change for the younger generation.

How are we planning on spending the money?

We have already raised just over 80% of the land value. $245, 000 will go directly to purchase and secure the land for this generation and generations to come as a sustainable workable and regenerated environment.

What are the benefits?

When the project is totally secured by the purchase of the land, Shepherds Ground can then begin to establish a unique cutting-edge model of community living:

  • Affordable;
  • Sustainable;
  • Based on best practice ecological and organic principles;
  • Cultivating a strong sense of community;
  • Reconnecting people, agriculture and nature.

As a growing and thriving community Shepherds Ground will then be able to provide fresh produce, ongoing courses, programs, events and retreats in organic, biodynamic, permaculture, and sustainable living. As an investor you can access any of these benefits, as well as be connected to people who are passionate about the same things as you!!

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Who's behind our campaign?

Lucie Bruvel is a Social Entrepreneur and initiator of the Shepherds Ground village and farming land share. She grew up in Duns Creek, NSW. Living in a village in France for 7 years inspired this vision.
From her vision, a project was born! Several years on the project is becoming a reality.

Shepherds Ground is managed by a Board of Directors and the land will be managed by the Shepherds Ground Farming Association. Lucie is also a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs (Sydney).

Lucie Bruvel on Shepherds Ground

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Team Members

Lucie Bruvel

Annette Tubner

Gavin Farley

Jane Purkiss

John Ellis

Leonore Bastow

Marco Forman

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