Save the Planet Liverpool

By Alan Roberts

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Save The “Planet” Mersey Bar Lightship

The “Planet” was the last Mersey Bar manned Lightship and was anchored some 9 miles to seaward of the Mersey Bar as a navigational aid to vessels inbound and outbound to the Mersey from all corners of the Globe.

"She was the last thing we saw at the start of our voyage and the first on our safe return”.

In 1972 the light vessel was replaced by an automatic buoy (Langby) and left Liverpool under the Trinity House organisation and she served around the UK coast until 1989. See History at:

[email protected]

She was bought by Alan Roberts in 2008 when she was put up for sale by Gary McClarenan, who thought Alan was the best choice to carry on with with the project to save the vessel for the People of Liverpool and the Maritime Community.

Being the last manned Lightship in the whole of the UK we want to save her for the younger generations and for what she meant to the Maritime Community. For instance, did you know Father Christmas went out every year with a hamper for the crew, but had to leave his reindeers behind and hitch a ride on an Alexander Towing Company tug boat!

But there’s a problem

She has to generate interest and pay her way in an increasingly costly environment.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Plans have been made and passed by the Local Council to enable the Lightship to become a Café, Bar and Museum. Later it will have Bed and Breakfast facilities and guests would be ideally placed to visit the famous Albert Dock complex, Maritime Museum and Liverpool One Shopping Complex. We feel sure there are quite a lot of people who would like to boast they slept aboard the Mersey Lightship.

Quite a large amount of funds have already been spent by the owner, but it requires dedicated services, such as electricity, water, sewage and garbage removal. Although the vessel has been paying berth fees it has not been provided with any of the above services. As you can imagine the provision of such services is quite costly and it is hoped to raise the extra funds for such work by donations through “ CHUFFED”.

You can join us

Would you like to become a “Planeteer”?

Please send us your donation, however large or small with a stamp addressed envelope or an e-mail and we will send you a card and in so doing you will help us reach our goal.

Planet Lightship,

Canning Dock, The Strand, Liverpool L7 4LN


e-mail : [email protected]

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And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Finally, you can learn how to communicate across the world with Voice or Morse Code from the “Planet” or if you are a retired Deck or Engineer Officer come and see what you can help us with and talk to visitors about life at sea. We did once have the biggest Merchant Navy in the World

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