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By Donating $25 You Get 1 Chance To Win, But Donate $50 You Get 3 Chances To Join World Surfing Champion/Legend Barton Lynch on a Coaching and Contribution Trip of a Lifetime!

It's simple ..... make a donation, share our campaign on social and like it!!

By selecting the $25 perk you get 1 chance and selecting $50 you get 3 chances to win a trip for 2 on a surf coaching and contribution mission to the Mentawai Islands staying at Kandui Villa's. Prize valued at AUD$8,000!

This will be a trip of a lifetime where you get to hang out with world surfing legend Barton Lynch while getting personal advise on technique and style as well as equipment analysis. BL has had 17 World Championship victories, and is now widely recognised as one of the world's leading surf coaches, is also an expert commentator and still loves to surf and travel with his family more than anything.

What's involved:

  • You will be staying at a luxury eco-friendly island paradise,
  • Meeting traditional Mentawai shamans and
  • Distributing life saving water filters to remote villages in collaboration with Waves For Water.
  • You will also get to see how our recycling programs are benefiting the local communities

Why We Need Your Help!

When it comes to preserving and protecting water resources, a little knowledge goes a long way. In many communities, a lack of basic knowledge about sanitation and hygiene practices results in the needless contamination of critical water resources. This can become a recurring problem; sick children are robbed of the health and education which could have empowered them to improve their own lives.

In March 2015, we opened up the very first multi-purpose Education and Environmental Centre and NGO Base in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. We had discovered the communities wanted to learn essential English skills and sustainable practices, so they could be a part of the growing tourism industry and create a better future for themselves and their children.

Unfortunately we need to relocate and need urgent funding to make this happen!

Help us build a new community centre to host:

  • English and Environmental programs
  • Teacher and volunteer accommodation
  • Plastic/recycling facility
  • Sustainable vegetable/compost garden
  • General base for the community
  • Base for other NGO's that work in the vicinity

We will be employing locals during the construction process and sourcing local sustainable products for the build, ensuring we're supporting the local communities that will benefit from this project.

Below is a breakdown of expected costs associated with the build:

Purchase of Land: Donated by local community member

Building Materials: $25,000

Local Labour: $9,600

Indonesian Legal Costs: $5,400 (associated with build)

*The building materials is an estimate and a conservative one as we are expecting the build costs to be more than this amount.

Who We Are!

As keen surfers, we have been travelling to these regions for years and enjoying the world class surf breaks and island paradises. For the local communities, tourism is a way for them to break the poverty cycle and be employed by local operators. All of the operators in these regions want to employ local Mentawai, but they need strong English skills for them to stand a chance amongst other more highly skilled Indonesians from the cities.

We are also seeing the impact firsthand of plastic and other pollutants because of no waste management facilities. A large part of this waste ends up in the waters and beaches of the islands. Much of the waste is thrown into rivers, dumped by the side of the road or burned. We have two amazing full time Project Coordinators based at the Centre called Tom and Karen, who do all the hard work on the ground as well as forming relationships with governmental officials and the community.

Until you travel to these remote regions, you don't understand the lack of facilities that these communities have. While we have been running this campaign, we have been travelling through the Mentawai with our family and juggling the ongoing promotion around wifi connection. Nothing is easy, but when there is a will there is a way as they say!!

Unfortunately the culture in Indonesia is not as eco-focused as it should be! Before the introduction of western foods, the older generations used to throw everything on the ground because food packaging was made of biodegradable banana leaves. Now, the act of throwing rubbish on the ground has stayed, but the banana leaves have been replaced with plastic. Because Indonesia doesn't have a proper waste management system, this has now become an environmental nightmare!!

We have even witnessed them burning plastic at the local high school canteen, where students sit and eat their lunch or snack inhaling the toxic gases.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Since our official opening in March 2015 we've taught over 500 adults and children, with our classes continuing to grow as we expand our programs.

As part of our environmental program, we organise various activities with our local community, which has provided us with an opportunity to educate them about the impact of littering their environment and the effect plastic and mismanaged waste is having on their health and the ocean.

We have now sourced a sustainable route for this plastic material to be transported back to the mainland to recycling depots, and have the support of local businesses who are utilising our recently introduced recycling collection depot.

The main objective of our waste management and recycling program will be to reduce plastic waste being dumped and polluting the environment, the air and the ocean by encouraging and educating community members to manage their household and business rubbish.

The new Centre will also enable us to extend our programs to include a SurfAid Disaster Management Plan due to the area being extremely volatile to earthquake and tsunamis. The community will learn valuable life skills, so they know what to do when the next disaster happens.

Further Details

This humanitarian trip will take place in early October 2018, with the Ambassadors being the founders of A Perfect Foundation, Marie and Jamie Gray as well as international surfing legend and world champion, Barton Lynch (BL) along with his wife Holly, who is a yoga instructor and wellness coach and son Lion. Flights, accommodation in Padang and travel insurance are not included and are the responsibility of the winner.

The winner will be selected the day after the campaign finishes and contacted directly via email.

You can help us make a sustainable difference today by doing one or more of the following:

  • Making a financial contribution towards this crowdfunding campaign or become a regular monthly donor at My Giving Circle. Every dollar you can give is tax deductible (in Australia) and counts towards creating plastic free environments.
  • Joining our database for regular updates and progress reports from our organisation. Contact Us Here!
  • Sharing this page with your friends, family and work colleagues by email, social media or word of mouth and encouraging them to support the work we do.

HELP US NOW to build our new Centre in the southern Mentawai Islands, where a recycling and waste management program has been introduced to reduce toxic plastic waste in our oceans!

Tell all your friends NOW and lets start making a difference TODAY!!

Thanks From A Perfect Foundation Team :-)

* Trip subject to terms and conditions which are available on request!

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