Sanasuma Maga which means the path to peace of mind. This is a program to help persons suffering from mental health and related issues.

By Sanasuma Maga Inc

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Sanasuma Maga Inc. is a not for profit organization. Sanasuma Maga is the road to peace of mind and harmony.

The project we have in mind is to provide programs that would engage persons who are on the road to recovery from drug and/ alcohol abuse, depression and other related mental issues.

We need a place to call home and commence the program as soon as possible. We hope to cater for the needs of people in South Gippsland and the Bass Shire.

We need the funds to either purchase/lease a place, pay wages to a coordinator and take the project off the ground with the programs we have in mind.

We are a group of people from Bass Woolamai and the surrounding area and are passionate about doing something for the community that we live in. There is a huge need for it. We have gathered almost a 1000 signatures from the community in support of our project.

We need your support please help us.

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Shirani Perera