Roll your own: Newcastle Printmakers Workshop steamroller revival

By Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Inc

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A little bit of context

Newcastle Printmakers Workshop is undergoing a Renaissance after major renovations and the development of their workshop site in 2013.
One of the projects that they enacted in the workshops early years was a steam roller project in 1980.  They want to do it again in the 21st century.

Roll your own will be reviving the project in 2014 and will be hiring a steamroller to make BIG prints over a weekend in October in the public arena.

We want to inspire traditional printmaking, a lot of fun and engage our community to make art on the weekend of 4th and 5th of October.

In kind support thus far has come from.

But there’s a problem

We need your help in the 21st century!!! we are a not for profit organisation and need financial assistance. This will enable us to re-run this crazy event and specifically to hire the steamroller and driver, provide some materials, and run workshops. Essentially we need your help!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We want to step away from the machine and initiate a revival of hand made prints in the 21st century.
This will be a hands on event aimed at a broad cross- section of the community. We hope to inspire the next generation of printmakers to connect with our workshop and keep printmaking in its traditional forms alive.

The perfect partnership has just been announced with Newcastle Museum as a participant and venue- come and hang out with us on the October long weekend!

You can join us

This can be by donating some cash to support our initiative, " rolling your own" prints to take away, rolling up a print by a local artist to take away, participating in a workshop, buying one of our limited edition products as listed below

For businesses we will add your logo to our online site for donations over $100.00.

Limited edition products made by Australia's oldest open access print workshop and designed by local artists.

Funky gifts for your friends and the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting artists in a regional center.

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Team Members

Linda Swinfield on behalf of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop