Rohingya Emergency Relief

By Gippsland Australian Muslim Community Inc

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Irregardless of religious, political belief or race and ethnicity, we are all human beings.

The Rohingya are a minority ethnic group in Myanmar who have been denied citizenship since 1982. Thousands are displaced, currently seeking refuge in Bangladesh.

Innocent people - including women and children - are dying in the most brutal of ways. Their homes are destroyed.

These people have endured atrocities for many years - often without the attention of the worldwide media. Their suffering has been described as ethnic cleansing and genocide.

We may not be able to change the world, but every bit of charity and generosity helps. Together, we can help make a huge impact and improve the lives of people who have endured unimaginable atrocities.

All proceeds from crowdfunding campaign will go directly to Gippsland Australian Muslim Community Inc, who have already raised AUD$1150 from the community. All proceeds will then be given to Muslim Aid Australia Myanmar Appeal, who will be providing emergency relief to affected families on the provision of:

  • Emergency water, sanitation and hygiene programs
  • Essential food aid to 1000 families
  • Winter relief to 600 families
  • 400 kitchen utensil packs

In addition to this, Muslim Aid Australia has supported the distributions of 935 food packs, 815 comfort aid packs, and 845 clothes to affected families from Arakan State in Myanmar who have been pushed out of their homeland and have spent many years displaced, in the Kutapalong camp in Bangladesh.

If you have any money to spare, please give generously. Together, I pray we can make a difference and give to those in desperate need.

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