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Hi, I'm 'Riding & Striding' for Solomon Islands Rangers.

Since 5th September 2015, I am on a 1500km 'RIDE & STRIDE' pilgrimage across France and Spain to raise funds to help equip and provide training opportunities for Solomon Islands Rangers.

Why? I observed the hardships of Rangers in protecting and managing their customary lands whilst an Australian Volunteer for International Development (AVID) volunteer until August 2015, and committed to supporting them.

These 900+ Melanesian, Solomon Islands represent some of the greatest biodiversity of marine and terrestrial life left on earth. Pressures of logging, mining, expansion of subsistence and plantation agriculture, population increase, impacts of climate change and variability, isolation, five years (1998-2003) of civil conflict, and challenging politics on this third world nation are impacting its ecological integrity and resources.

As local stewards of this natural and cultural heritage, it is critical the Rangers are connected throughout SI, with their peers internationally, have visibility, training, and equipment to combat their challenges. I welcome and encourage your investment in helping them to help themselves.

International Rangers Federation's charity arm The Thin Green Line, Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership (SICCP) my prior employer, and Bank South Pacific each endorse 'Ride & Stride'.

Your Donation

All costs associated with RIDE & STRIDE are my personal financial contribution. SICCP & newly formed SI Rangers Association(SIRA) will ensure accountability and ethical management of funds raised.

With sincere gratitude ~ Annie Knappstein

Follow my 'RIDE &STRIDE' progress at my Facebook page Annie.Knappstein

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