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The future of rural is rocky

Rural communities, and the people who live in them, are integral to the overall health and vitality of our nation and world. But small rural is getting the shaft. As young people living and loving in rural America, we refuse to let the communities we adore continue to wither and rot.

So what is Rethinking Rural?

With the above in mind, we created Rethinking Rural. A network of engaged rural millennials dedicated to working together on a national scale to protect landscapes, diversify economies, and strengthen evolving communities.

In 2018, we invited 50 rural millennials, nationwide, to join us in Port Townsend to start the conversation around working together to improve our communities. For participants, this was the movement they'd been waiting for, and the desire to continue coming together was astounding. Since then, we have conducted interviews with our participants which we used to create a 4-year plan, and we are now organizing three more symposiums with planned measurable impact across the nation. We have also partnered with a national nonprofit, the Center for Rural Strategies and the Rural Assembly as our fiscal sponsor and supporter of our work.

Let's be real, the change we're looking for is not going to come from the outside, but within. And while we honor the past, the next movement of change will come from the future, from the next generation of leadership within our communities. We want to dig deep to save rural livelihoods, landscapes and the souls of our communities. And we want to do it together.

Why do you want my money?

After a few years of laying the groundwork, we’re ready for your help. We are now launching our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds that will help us expand our network, put on three face to face gatherings, and continue supporting young leaders fighting the hard fight in rural communities across America. We’re planning to raise $40,000 that will help us pay for upcoming expenses and leverage other funds as we move forward to making a big difference in small places all over the country.

The future of rural

We’ve come a long way since starting Rethinking Rural and we think there are many of you out there interested in what we’re up to and who are excited to put some dollars towards helping the next generation of rural leaders find their footing on what will most surely be a long, but hopefully less bumpy, road to empowered communities.

Find out more about us

Find out more about our work here:

Meet a few of our incredible participants

and learn more about our 4-Year Plan

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