Rest2Resist: by & for QTIBIPOC artists, abuse-survivors, activists & our allies

By Rest2Rest: Disabled QTIBIPOC-led & focused Direct Action & Activist

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A new normal?

Our society will not come out of this crisis unchanged. Either injustice and inequality will worsen and become more entrenched. Or we fight hard to live out our values of kindness, compassion, altruism, solidarity & mutual aid.

Cultivate community resilience and cooperation? Or watch and wait as oppression & addiction to privilege worsen. Either way the Transition is now.

Crisis before the crisis

Systemic discrimination. Police harassment & violence. Homelessness. The Climate Crisis. For many of us, COVID-19 -- and our disproportionate vulnerability to it in the over-crowded and under-served neighbourhoods we live in -- is a symptom of other deep-seated crises. Black, Indigenous, and Racialised people along with queer, trans & intersex folx & street-based community members have been in crisis since before this crisis.

The transition is NOW

In the midst of crisis, blooms incredible beauty: A flourishing of mutual aid, community compassion and solidarity. Sharing food & medicine. Providing Shelter. Getting masks to the worst covid-19 hotspot in the province. Making sure our neighbours can wash their hands to help stop the spread of the virus. Reaching out. Letting them know someone cares. Supporting communities health now so we can have healthy Communities after COVID-19. Cultivating RESILIENCE. Because the transition is NOW.

The Indigenous Homeless Committee Support Worker Project's hand-wash station for street based members, with a new more sanitary handsfree faucet designed and installed by R2R! volunteers. We also provide community members with tents, sleeping bags, hygiene supplies & masks

Lateral allyship

The REBEL ALLIANCE unites grassroots groups through direct mutual aid. Every organization in the alliance is BIPOC &/or QTI led. We are led by the people we serve.​​​​​​

The crisis is cis-het-white supremacist-misogynist-ableist-colonial-imperialist-narcissism
its ecocidal disregard for the limits of earth & sky


Join the RESISTANCE...

The Rebel Alliance :

• Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance
• Draps blancs pour une grève des loyers/White Sheets for Rent Strike
• Immigrant Workers Centre
• Indigenous Support Worker Project (homeless support)
• Indigenous Sex Work & Art Collective
• Montreal Queer Spoon Share
• Rest2Resist
• Temp Agency Workers Alliance (TAWA-IWC)
• in solidarity with the Welcome Collective (refugee support)

Deliveries courtesy of:
• Montreal Bike Messengers Association,
• R2R! 1st Bike Battalion
• Chasseur Courrier worker co-op

• COVID-19 : Entraide à vélo

 Cultivating Resilience. Because the Transition is Now


Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia
Original character by George Lucas
Comic by the amazing @mingdoyle
Remix by @dxtr_x

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