Respect is the rule: stop sexual harassment in hospitality!

By United Voice Victoria

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Sexual harassment is rampant in hospitality.

A new survey shows 89% of young women working in hospitality have been sexually harassed at work. Nineteen percent have been sexually assaulted at work.

For thousands of hospo workers, sexual harassment is a regular part of our working lives - lewd comments, rape threats, stalking and physical attacks are just a normal part of our next shift.

Hospo workers are taking action.

Sexual harassment shouldn’t be part of anyone’s job - and that’s why dozens of hospo workers have come together to develop a powerful campaign to make venues safe for everyone. Our strategy is threefold:

  1. Build visibility around widespread sexual harassment in hospitality. Harassment is the elephant in the room, and it’s invisibility gives it power. This campaign will start a conversation and pull back the curtain.
  2. Change employer and worker culture on sexual harassment.
  3. Demonstrate the impacts of workplace sexual harassment to a venue’s bottom line and brand by showing the moral and business case for action is undeniable.

We’re doing this in two main ways:

  1. We’re getting thousands of customers to sign a pledge saying they’ll only go to venues that have a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment.
  2. We’re getting dozens of venues to sign our Respect Is The Rule Pledge and adopt a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment.

But we can't do this by ourselves.

With your donation we can:

  • Produce and print stickers, posters and fact sheets on sexual harassment for workers and management
  • Produce training videos for staff and management that clearly explain sexual harassment, what to do if you’re experiencing it, and how to proactively create safe work environments
  • Build and maintain a website that houses resources on harassment for workers and employers, and lists all of the venues that have signed the Respect Is The Rule pledge
  • Resource teams of hospo workers to get venues in their local communities to sign the Respect Is The Rule pledge and adopt zero tolerance approaches

Help supersize this campaign.

Our campaign is gaining momentum: thousands are pledging to only go to zero tolerance venues, we’re getting national media coverage, and dozens of employers are coming forward to take action.

Check out some of the great media coverage our campaign is getting:

Help take this campaign to the next level. Everybody deserves to be safe at work. If you agree, please DONATE and SHARE!

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