Relocated at Age 54 With A Dream To Inspire

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Is a homeless ex-con much like many who are living on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and many major cities today. He is often overlooked by the drug-dealing dope boy to the proud religious church goer. Nevertheless, unforseen troublesome events proves him to be a man of value and wisdom to all who crosses his path including himself. This story will inspire one to be more conscious when disregarding others based on their social status or differences. This story proves that all lives matter in the eyes of God.

But there’s a problem

But how am I going to get this message of spiritual and social equality out there without start up funds? I recently moved to Atlanta in hopes of presenting my work on a much larger platform. I came with just a suit case and was blessed to moved in a house. However, I'm still believing that somehow this dream will be realized for YES, EVEN ME.

Here’s what I'm doing about it

My projected date is June 16-17, 2017. Therfore, I'm looking into a venue in Atlanta to present this awesome life changing project. I'm going to sponsor at least 10 homeless individuals to attend the show with VIP Status. This includes food. I've already checked out the Star Theater in the West End area. which will cost me about $1,200 per show. I will run 3 shows in two days. This will cost $2,400. I have looked into a person to build the set which will be at least another $1000. I'm creating sound tracks to cut down on the cost of a live band. This should offset my expenses by a least $600. Alternatively, a sound tech will be about $400. Publicity is a must and most station packages are $500 - $800. Then flyers and tickets will be about $200. This brings us to a total of $4,800 start up. Other show needs will be covered through ticket sells.

Imagine the impact on all who are touched through this message to not look over one who is less fortunate but rather to embrace them. If we help one up then they can in turn reach back and pull us up in our time of need. Also, for those who are homeless, they will be inspired and motivated toward positive change. Sometimes people just need to hear a powerful word or experience an act of kindness to encourage them to live and not die. I know, I was homeless once with 3 children but God favored Even Me.

Upon a successful show with substantial profit, I will solicit the Georgia School systems to allow me to bring some of my other work to their students. These projects will offer positive solutions and hope with life situations involving: drug abuse, criminal behavior, HIV/ AIDS Awareness, and other social ills that destroy our youth and their families. From state to state, I intend for my message of inspiration, hope, and social redemption to spread internationally and abroad.

You Can Play A Part!

It's simple. I have no fancy word or speech to give you. I just need your monetary support to make this dream a reality. God has given me a vision, equipped me with the talents to do it and sent me here to Atlanta Georgia to lauch one of the largest inspirational works this nation has ever seen. I just believe! I need you to believe with me! All I need is an opportunity. Whatever, you give from a $1 to a $1,000 will help make this project a success.

The real hero is you!

know that you are a part of this powerful life changing movement. The homeless people who have given up on life and attend this show, will know that they have not been overlooked because you care for even them. Also, those who have become shipwrecked in their spiritual and physical lives will know that they too have been seen by you. So on behalf of all who your support will help; I want to thank you in advance for coming through for us! We need you and we need each other to survive!

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