Rebuild Aboriginal community that Burnt down

By Simba Bushman

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A little bit of context

Bawoorrooga, a remote aboriginal community in the Kimberley, Burnt down after the New Year. The family lost their accommodation and all of their belongings and clothes.

Claude and Andrea build this community them selves to create a safe space for their family and friends. They are also teachers of Law and Culture and use the community to share their knowledge.

They have build an Art Shed, a food garden, a native plant nursery, and a fruit orchard over their 16 years there, and use mainly solar power and a wood fire to survive.

We want to give back the necessitites, Shelter, clothing and everyday use items

But there’s a problem

Fitzroy Crossing is very remote. It is very expensive to get anything there, and even more expensive to buy things there. Bawoorrooga is 500KM from Broome, and over 2000km from Perth. We need as much as we can to help get these guys back on their feet again

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are asking for donations of anything. Every little bit counts. We can buy clothing at OP Shops to keep the cost down and we are looking for cheap partable accomodation to transport from Perth to Bawoorrooga.

The total income of the community is 24,000 a year, for everyone there to survive off of, including the children. There are currently 5 people still staying out there at the moment.

We want to build 1 or 2 Eathships, which are rammed earth buildings. The friends and family of this community will come and build them, but we need tool and materials to get it done

You can join us

There is no maximum cap of how much we want to raise. It is a lot to ask of you, a stranger to these people, to donate anything. But Their family has lost everything, and if it were my family, I would do everything I could to get them off the ground.

When the campeign is over, then the real work begins.

We are inviting anyone to come up to this beautiful area for the construction. You will we welcome to campout and live on the community and help build these earthships. Claude said he will hunt for anyone who comes. They have a vege garden that should still be producing then as well. Clause is a great story teller who love to share the stories of his people

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