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The aim of this fundraiser is to kick-start the next iteration of Australia's premier psychedelic symposium, Entheogenesis Australis, in 2017. We will bring together experts from Australia and around the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, to discuss psychedelics and entheogenic plants.

The events are particularly expensive to run, and rely heavily on community support. So, in order to start the ball rolling for EGA 2017, we are aiming to raise funds to go towards covering some preliminary organisational costs, ensuring the conference can take place in a format that is both professional and sustainable. The success of this fundraising campaign will enable a more affordable ticketed event for both academics and enthusiasts alike.

Your generosity will help ensure that this important discussion surrounding psychedelics and related compounds goes ahead.

We hope you find a donation perk that suits you, or please feel free to donate any amount you can afford to support our campaign. Thanks in advance for your support!

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Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) is a small non-profit organisation that produces professional conferences and events focusing on plant-based psychedelics and related compounds. For over twelve years, EGA has been facilitating community discussion around this important subject, until recently viewed as taboo but now gaining increasing acceptance within our society and interest in academic circles.

As a part of its ongoing program, EGA has a YouTube channel, publishes a journal and organises film screenings to promote understanding of the medical benefits and broader positive outcomes of sacred plants and entheogenic compounds.

EGA is a completely community-funded organisation that relies on the support of individuals with diverse interests. These interests include the health benefits, spiritual growth, harm reduction, and the cultural and social implications of psychedelics. EGA receives no support from government or other public bodies and relies solely on the community to be able to continue offering informative and engaging conferences and events.

The psychedelic community in Australia is one of the most vibrant and informed in the world. As anyone who has attended past conferences will attest, Entheogenesis Australis symposia have made significant contributions to the international conversation on psychedelics for more than a decade.

We are hoping to raise the bar with a four day outdoor EGA Symposium at a new state-of-the-art venue on a stunning, expansive property in country Victoria in December 2017. The 2017 event will be a hybrid version of our previous indoor and outdoor events to bring a more academic conference feel to the outdoor symposium model.


Our ten-year anniversary conference was held in Melbourne in December 2014, and the last outdoor symposium was held in country Victoria in 2011. These major events are labours of love for the many volunteers and contributors involved, all of whom have other jobs, commitments and projects. EGA takes thousands of hours of organisation, pre-planning, administration and production. In addition, significant up-front costs are incurred by EGA to continue to offer a high level of knowledge through online projects, film screenings, panel discussions, print media, and primarily the symposia.

Behind the Scenes

The EGA core team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes on the planning for the 2017 symposium, as well as ongoing community projects such as the EGA YouTube channel - which has so far provided around 50 lectures and panel discussions online, free of charge. Some highlights include:

Rick Doblin
Dennis McKenna
Fire and Earth (Erowid)
Keeper Trout
Owsley "Bear" Stanley
Robert Jesse
Alex Wodak
Bia Labate

The EGA conferences have long been a national networking event for the Australian psychedelic community and offer a unique opportunity for like-minded people to come together and share knowledge, art and ritual, as well as discuss positive experiences around altered states of consciousness.

The forthcoming event will cover a diverse range of fields from the botanical, academic, and philosophical, to arts and drug law reform. The conference has been scheduled for 8-11 December 2017. It will be a ticketed event with on-site camping and accommodation.

EGA has already confirmed a world-class first round of international headline speakers, to be announced if this fundraising campaign is successful.

Be a part of the process

EGA is asking for support in order to raise the necessary funds to contribute to start-up costs such as:

· Deposit to secure the venue for the 2017 symposium

· Early logistical requirements for the 2017 symposium

· Early purchase of international keynote speakers' airfares to reduce travel expenses

· New and improved website and design for 2017 symposium

· New video content for the EGA YouTube channel

We are aiming to raise between $10,000 and $15,000 from the community to contribute towards these costs and kick-start this important event. To place that into perspective, that is around 5% of the budgeted total running cost of this volunteer-led 2017 symposium.

Funds raised above this amount will be used to:

· Subsidise the student ticket price to the 2017 symposium

· Fund art projects, décor and lighting at the symposium

· Subsidise hosting & travel costs for international speakers whilst in Australia

· Support Australian speakers’ conference expenses

· Further support ongoing discussion around psychedelic research in Australia

EGA appreciates any financial contribution you can offer. Any amount – big or small – will be an active step in helping to plant the seeds for the next major outdoor event.

If you wish to become a major donor or ongoing patron of EGA, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us directly at [email protected]

We have an impressive range of rewards for your generous donations. Browse the image gallery of perks here.

Special thanks

EGA deeply appreciates the support that artists and fellow members of the community have provided to facilitate this fundraising campaign. We wish to send infinite love and gratitude to the following people and organisations:


Katia Honour


Jeremy Kool

Shiptu Shaboo

Jonathan Carmichael

Rona Green

Belinda Wickens

Jess Saunders and Sayagata Tattoo


Dragon Dreaming Festival

Earth Frequency Festival

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Bush Week Festival

Blotter Art .com

Mitch Schulz and

Visionary artist postcard series:

Adam Scott Miller

Solara Aerie

Emma Watkinson

Seth Leibowitz

David Heskins and Aloria Weaver

Martin Bridge

Katia Honour

Wolfgang Widmoser

Jake Cobran (Ahn Dryk)

Daniel Mirante

Mark Lee

Kevin Campeau

The EGA Symposium is a conference about psychoactive chemicals, research and discussion and does not encourage the use of illegal substances, but rather the important conversation surrounding them.

Please share this campaign and the gallery of perks and help spread the word!

With much respect, the EGA team

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Team Members

Adele Wilkes

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