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Kitten Season

Life is precious. But it's even more precious when you don't have a Mum and you rely on round the clock 'human' carers to help you survive.

Don't get us wrong. We LOVE kittens. But we've been inundated this season with orphaned kittens, like no other season before. We've tried to weather the storm as best we can, but our vet bill has taken a HUGE hit. And so have our neo natal carers.

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Neo natal care requires special people. It's not for everyone. The ability to feed around the clock every 3-4 hours for approx 3-4 weeks is a tough gig. Carers are also responsible for toileting and nurturing and basically...being Mum to the orphans. Sleep deprived, our amazing neo natal carers have been doing their best to support the kittens through these times to try to keep the bills at bay...and they are EXHAUSTED on so many levels - emotionally and financially. In our foster care network, only 5% of our carers are in the position to be able to bottle feed, such is the demand on one's lifestyle.

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We desperately need assistance to replenish the special food, bottles and feeding nipples that our neo natal carers require.

We need to order
**20 packs of Miracle Nipples (approx $18 each)

**40 Animalac tins (approx $20 each)

**20 slabs (12 tins per slab) of Royal Canin babycat (approx $21 each)

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WE are hoping to raise $1500 to cover these needs. WE know it's a big ask. But we also know that we are surrounded by a community of compassionate animal lovers! You are out there! WE KNOW IT!

PLease help us get our foster carers back in business. And help little ones like Fergus and MacKenzie, get THE BEST start possible in life when Mum isn't around.

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Fergus and MacKenize as bottle babies

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Fergus and MacKenzie now! Healthy and listed for adoption!

Natasha - CCR Director

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