A Plastic Free Adventure: A Short Film

By Lucy Mathilde

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We all like to adventure, but adventure can come at a price to the environment.

Many of us love a good adventure. Whether it's a small day hike, or a grand adventure, seeking time in nature is a part of many people's life. Most of us wouldn't think about that zip lock of trail mix, or the muesli bar wrapped in plastic...the small tip getting lost in the forest as we tear it off.... we will never see it again.

But someone will.

So much of our environment is clogged with plastic, not to mention the poor animals which mistake it for food. Predictions say that there will be more weight in plastic, then weight in fish in the ocean by 2050.

So many people care, but don't know how to do better...

We were the same. At point. But we innovated, came up with new ideas and trialed them. Then in 2018 we kayaked 2042km and we did it without using any single-use-plastic!

Now we want to share! So you don't have to come up with new solutions, we want to share with everyone what we did and exactly how!

So we are MAKING A FILM to tell you all about PLASTIC FREE ADVENTURE!!

You get to experience first hand the highs and lows of the adventure and learn all about how to lead a single-use-plastic-free-adventure!

We are putting in $2,000 of our own $$, but we need another 8k to make sure we can pay our film maker what they need to get the job done!

We have been lucky enough to have Akemi approach us! She is willing to work at a reduced price to create a short film about our adventure. You can read all about Akemi below...


Akemi is a female entrepreneur and digital media creative with a passion for purpose-based storytelling that educates, awakens and inspires. Her specialty is narrative and brand development based on a strong value set.

In raising $30,000 towards educational efforts in Guatemala with a team in high-school, Akemi, began to look at how to create impact. Following this, she went to Queen’s University for International Development and then to Emily Carr University and BCIT for Branding and Design Essentials. Beginning in 2011, Akemi has worked for Vancouver Magazine, Pure Souls Media and now operates her own media and branding consultation company, AKEMI, which specializes in Conscious Business and stories for the Earth and Humanity.

For the past year, while working on building a social media app, VEME, and studying online mobile video behaviour for both Gen Z and Gen Y, Akemi is reinvigorated in her belief that the most effective way to reach the youth and drive impact is by digital media storytelling with purpose, heart and vision.


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