Pioneer Sound Project

By Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps

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A little bit of context

Pioneer has always been slow to adopt the newest trends and fads in DCI but one recent change seems to be here to stay. Electronics. Groups like The Bluecoats are setting the standard for what judges and fans should expect and in order to regain competitiveness relevance we have to keep up. We could spend 300 thousand dollars like some other top Drum Corps do but that would require us to raise dues and compromise necessary spending elsewhere. So instead we have found the options that best balance quality and cost, and have a created 5-year plan to spread out costs while modernizing the corps audio equipment.

But there’s a problem

Our current system is rather old and out-dated. The gear is worse for the wear after many seasons on the road without proper maintenance. Even in peak condition the setup we have currently just isn't powerful enough to fulfill the needs of a sound system in modern drum corps productions. We don't have enough inputs to accurately mic the keyboards, control the synths, add soloists, and anything else that comes up in the future. The synth we are currently using is missing knobs and doesn't have the capability for editing patches outside of rehearsals, this really hampers the efficiency of the ensemble.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have designed a five-year plan to help spread out the cost of building a system that will provide a great foundation for the future. Our first step is to outfit ourselves with a new speaker system. We will utilize line array technology to vastly improve the quality of sound as well as give our selves flexibility in terms of effects. Following that, we'll continue to replace our outdated technology with modern equipment. By the end of the five years, we will have a system comparable to the finalist corps.

You can join us

You can help us by donating on this page, or visit our Amazon wishlist and directly purchase equipment. If you aren't in a position to help out monetarily but have audio equipment that you don't use please feel free to contact me and we can see if it fits into the system.

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Donors of any amount will be recognized on a plaque at Pioneer Land.

Donors of $100+ will receive recognition on our website as "Friends of Pioneer," as well as all previous benefits.

Donors of $500+ will be recognized as a "Champion of Pioneer," with a personalized name plaque on the equipment truck, as well as all previous benefits.

Donors of $1000+ will receive a larger plaque on the equipment truck as well as receiving recognition as a member of the "Emerald Circle" on the corps website.

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Team Members

Robert McCowan

Timothy Osterbeck